[Event] Event Schedule on January




Hello. This is GM Lulu.

We will inform you of the events scheduled on January.
Please check the below for details.

※ The event schedule and contents may change depending on the internal situation.


◆ Event Schedule on December Notice I


[Event] Fatal Seduction, Event Appearance Open!
◆ Date
– 2020. 1.10 (Fri) ~ 2020. 1. 12 (Sun), 3days
– Harpy appears at the Fatal Seduction Appearance battle. Challenge the Event Appearance and get tons of gold~!


[Event] Ella’s Slap-off, Mini Game Open!
◆ Event
– 2020. 1.13 (Mon) ~ 2020. 1. 16 (Thr)
– Help Ella to defeat papa mushrons~!


Thank you.

The Illegal Program User List_12. 27 (Fri)



Hello, This is ELCHRONICLE development team.

Recently, some users were identified using an illegal program for cheating.

To build a fair and pleasant gaming environment, the ELCHRONICLE development team has carried out permanent shutdowns for the users in accordance with the ELCHRONICLE operation policy.

And monitoring of illegal programs use and abusive manners has been strengthened.
We will continue to monitor users who use illegal programs to cheat, and try to create a fair gaming environment.

Please note that sanctions against the use of illegal programs cannot be restored.

■ The Illegal Program User List


Thank you.


Performing server maintenance for preparing the event.



Please be advised that we will be performing server maintenance.

◆ Schedule
– US EAST : 26th (Thu) December 09:30 PM ~ 10:00 PM
– US WEST : 26th (Thu) December 06:30 PM ~ 7:00 PM
– EUROPE : 27th (Fri) December 03:30 AM ~ 4:00 AM
– ASIA : 27th (Fri) December 10:30 AM ~ 11:00 AM

※ For protecting your game data, please shut down the game before the server maintenance.

Thank you.


[Maintenance] 12. 19(Thu) Maintenance for Error Fix



Hello, this is GM Lulu.

Please be advised that we will be performing server maintenance.

◆ Schedule
– US EAST : 19th (Thr) December 3:30 AM ~ 04:00 AM
– US WEST : 19th (Thr) December 00:30 AM ~ 1:00 AM
– EUROPE : 19th (Thr) December 9:30 AM ~ 10:00 AM
– ASIA : 19th (Thr) December 4:30 PM ~ 5:00 PM

※ To ensure the account safely, please close the game normally before server check-up.


◆ Error Fix
– After you add friend, you cannot delete friends immediately. Now you can delete newly added friend after 3days.
– iOS Updates distribution delay compensation will be given.
– The compensation of 30 days crystal package you couldn’t get becaus of the Ver 1.8.4 updates delay will be given.

※ The rewards will only be given to accounts that do not have access records after starting the 1.8.4 updates maintenance and the last record must be recorded from an iOS device.
※ Please understand that the compensation will be sent to your mailbox and processed sequentially and may take some time.
※ Additional compensation for the 30-day crystal package will only be paid to the White-Wulves who purchased the product through the iOS App Store but has not received the crystals due to a failure to access.

For more information on compensation, please refer to the notice below.
☞ [Notice] iOS Update Distribution Delay Compensation Notice

Thank you.


[Notice] iOS Updates Distribution Delay Compensation Notice




Hello, this is GM Lulu

On December 18th (wed), the iOS App Store has been updated and server mainenance has completed.

For White-Wulves who were suffered from the delay of iOS updates distribution, we will compensate you as below.
But this is only for iOS users who doesn’t have access record after Ver 1.8.4 updates.


◆ Compensation
– 3,000,000 gold
– 500 Energy
– 500 Crystals
– 150,000 Raid Coin
– 5,000 Honor Point
– 250 Superior EXP Potions
– Low grade weapon, Armor, Accessary, 100 Rune upgrade stones

In addition, we will provide a crystal reward only to the White-Wulves who purchased the Crystal package through the iOS App Store on the 30th Dec. but could not get the crystals because the connection error(between updates maintenance to server maintenance).

The compensation period for 40 Christmas socks(12.18(wed) weekday access compensation) will be extended. So even if you could not access the game on 12.18(wed), you can get the access reward until 19th(thu).

Thank you for your patience and we will do our best to provide you with better service.

Thank you.


[Notice] iOS maintenance has been completed




Hello, This is GM Lulu.

IOS update distribution has been completed and is now available in the Apple App Store :
You can log on to the game normally after the update.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delayed iOS deployment.

※ Distribution of the Apple App Store may take place between individuals.

☞  Apple Download

The current development team has created a program for users who experience inconvenience due to delayed iOS deployment.
Ver 1.8.4 Compensation is being discussed for the users of the App Store who have not accessed the game since the update check.

Details of the compensation will be given through a separate notice.

Thank you.



[Notice] Ver 1.8.4 iOS Updates Distribution Delay Notice




Hello, this is ELCHRONICLE development team.

Apple App Store (iOS) updates distribution is currently being delayed.

In general, the Apple App Store distribution took about an hour, so we ran the App Store distribution yesterday at 10:30 am. However, no distribution is currently in progress.

As a development team, which is supposed to provide a seamless service to players, we are very sorry that we cannot inform you of the exact time to complete this process.

The development team promises to continually monitor the deployment and inform you as soon as changes occur.
There will be a separate reward for players who are unable to play due to delay in iOS distribution.

※ The rewards will only be given to accounts that do not have access records after starting the 1.8.4 updates maintenance and the last record must be recorded from an iOS device.
※ We will notify you of the compensation details after the update is released.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused, and we thank all of you for waiting for a long time.

Thank you.