The Illegal Program User List_9. 24 (Thr)




Hello, This is ELCHRONICLE development team.

Recently, some users were identified using an illegal program for cheating.

To build a fair and pleasant gaming environment, the ELCHRONICLE development team has carried out permanent shutdowns for the users in accordance with the ELCHRONICLE operation policy. And monitoring of illegal programs use and abusive manners has been strengthened.

We will continue to monitor users who use illegal programs to cheat, and try to create a fair gaming environment.
Please note that sanctions against the use of illegal programs cannot be restored.

■ The Illegal Program User List

Thank you.



[Growth] Elstone





▶ What is Elstone?

It is an item with special ability that increases a hero’s stat.

You can equip it from the [Menu] > [Hero] > [Growth] > [Elstone] menu.



▶ Types of the Elstone

The Elstones are divided to Ora Elstone and Star Elstone.

– Ora Elstone

: It increases the hero’s stats and has a total of seven mounting slots.

– Star Elstone

: When you equip it, additional options for the Ora Elston can be released.
: Only certain hero can equip Star Elstone and only one slot is available.

※ Elston has fixed stat without potential.

The Elston can be obtained by clearing the Raids, and depending on the difficulty of the Raid,
the probability of acquisition and the tier of the Elston to be acquired will vary.




▶ Elstone Upgrade

You can upgrade the Elstone from [Hero] > [Growth] > [Elstone] > [Workshop] menu.
Only Elston can be used as a material for Elston upgrade.



Elstone Combine

You can use three elstones of the same tier as a material to obtain one of the same tier.




[Equipment] Combine





▶ What is the Combine?

This is a workshop content for obtaining new equipment by combining 3 equipment from the same tier.

You only can use Talisman, Ora Elstone, Star Elstone for combine.
You can proceed it from [Menu] > [Workshop] menu.

For the combining, three equipment from the same tier and gold are required as a material.


1) T1 ~ T3 Equipment
– When you combine T1 ~ T3 equipment, you get the same tier equipment with level 1 status.



2) T4 ~ T5 Equipment
– When you combine T4 ~ T5 equipment, you get equipment between the minimum
and maximum levels of the equipment used as a material.



[Event] A Trade with the Witch, Antra




Hello. This is GM Lulu.

With the new hero, the immortal witch Antra, the Antra Growth Event will be held during the event.
Check the below for more details.


◆ Date
– After Ver 1.7.6 updates ~ 2019. 10. 15


◆ Event
– If you achieve certain level of the growth of Antra, you will be rewarded with a special reward.


◆ Gifts

※ The Antra T6 weapon selection ticket includes T6 Exclusive weapon and two types of Normal weapon,
and only one out of the three types is available.

※ The potential of T6 Exclussive weapons / Normal weapons equipment is fixed in C-grade.
※ At the end of the event period, you cannot be able to earn a growth achieving reward.


Thank you.