[Community] Friend




▶ What is Friend menu for?

This is a community function that allows you to send energy to your friends, share your raid clear rewards, and hire each other’s heroes at Worldboss.




▶ Become Friends

In ‘Community > Friends’, you can be friends with other White-Wulves, and you can request to be friends from ‘Friend Request’ menu or the friend search function.




▶ Friends List

In “Friends List,” you can give energy to registered friends through “Friendship Gifts.”

In addition, you can hire mercenaries as a hero of the friends registered on the list of friends at the World boss. And when your friends clear the raid battle, you can get rewards in certain probability. This reward will be paid to the ‘Shared Reward Chest’.

※ You only can register friends on your list up to a maximum of five.




▶ Shared Reward Chest

Shared Reward Chest is a menu where a friend’s clear reward is paid in certain probability when your friends clear the raid.

Rewards kept in the Shared Reward Chest will expire if you do not received within 24 hours.

Expired rewards are no longer available and can be removed by touching the ‘Remove Expired Rewards’ button.

If the compensation in the Shared Reward Chest is full to the maximum, the compensation will no longer be paid.




[GUIDE] I un-equip the equipment but I can’t equipt this to other heroes.

Q. I un-equip the equipment but it says it's still equiped and I cannot un-equip it.


A. When the equipment is equiped, [E] icon appears on the equipment slot.
Please check if your equipment is equiped on Basic/Raid/PVP equipment slots.

– Basic : Basic equipment slots that applies to all contents.
– Raid : Equipment slots that apply to the Raid Dungeon.
– PVP : Equipment slots that apply to the Colosseum.

※ If you don't equip on Raid, PVP slots, basic equipments are applied.

[PvP] Colosseum


▶ What is the Colosseum?

This is PvP content that competes against other users in 5 vs 5.
You can enter from the [Quick Menu] > [Colosseum] menu.


▶ Forming the Colosseum Squad

Coliseum squad can be organized at the entrance to the Colosseum.
A total of six squads are classified.

1) Defense1, Defense2, Defense3 Squads

These squads defend attacks from other squads.
You can specify one of the three defense units to defend against the opponent’s attack.

2) Attack1, Attack2, Attack3 Squads

These squads attack other squads.
You can choose from one of the three squads you have set up in advance.
You can change the character’ position by dragging the character to the desired location.

3) AI Settings
Heroes choose their first target based on their target settings.

* Target Settings Rule
– Free-role
: Attack enemy with close distance first. And if you’ve ever attacked by enemy, that enemy becomes first target.
This role examines and targets new enemies once a second.

– Intercept
: Attack the enemy who is setting up an assassination first. Do not change the target until the enemy dies or hides.

– Assassinate(Melee)
: Attacks a Melee Dealer, Off. Tanker with highest damage first.
If there are multiple targets, attacks the closest one first.

– Assassinate(Ranged)
: Targets a Ranged Dealer, Hybrid Dealer or Off. Supporter with highest damage.
If there are multiple targets, attacks the closest one.

– Assassinate(Support)
: Attacks the enemy with the most heal skills.
If there are multiple targets, prioritizes Def. Supporter, Off. Supporter, attack power, proximity.

※ Criteria for Selecting Enemy with High Attack
Enemies with 15% or less attack power based on the highest attack power of any surviving enemy are considered the same attack power.

※ Target Decision Order

Determine the target from the hero has low attack power, including both the Attack Squad and the Defense Squad’s heroes.
If the attack power is the same, the hero of the attack squad takes precedence.

※ If the target of the assassination hides, search for a new target and attack.
But the first target’s hiding is de-activated, it attacks the first target again.
※ The AI setting for the intrusion hero is ‘Free Role’ setting.



◆ The Colosseum Intrusion Battle

Based on the combat power of the five defense squads on the Colosseum battle list,
the players are engaged in a battle with one of the most powerful opponent and one of the lowest.

You can set the heroes for intrusion battle up to 3 and depending on the condition of the intrusion,
heroes join in the middle of the battle.

The conditions of the intrusion are as follows.

[The Condition of the Intrusion]

– If a hero dies during the Colosseum battle, the intruders participate in the battle.
– After the Invasion Hero participates, you have a one-second waiting-time for the next Invasion.
※ If heroes die at the same time, intruders come in sequentially.


▶ Setting up the Coliseum Leader
You can set up a lead hero in each squad.
A hero who has been set up as a leader can use the skill immediately at the start of the Colosseum Battle without a cool time.
Before the Colosseum battle, you don’t know the leader of the opponent’s team,
so selecting leaders and organizing your squad are important to catch opponents off guard.


▶ Assigning Colosseum Tier
You can be assigned by pressing [Start Assigning Tier] button.

Tier is assigned to one of the following seven tiers based on the combat power of the attacking squad.

Bronz, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond Tiers will be merged into the Beginner League,
and the Master Tiers will be fighting in the Experienced League.
After 30 minutes you will be able to receive the tier relocation and the LP you got so far will be initialized.


▶ Renewing Colosseum Opponents
The opponent will be displayed with 5 people within the same tier and can be renewed for free once every 30 minutes.
You also can instantly renew your opponents with 50 crystals.

▶ Entering Colosseum Battle

In the Colosseum lobby, you can compare the opponent’s squad and enter the battle.
However, the opponent’s lead hero will not be known until you enter battle.

By touching the hero information button before entering battle, you can compare the combat power of your opponent and my hero.

▶ Colosseum Battle

Once you get into the battle, the opponent’s defense squad will compete with your squad for up to 3 minutes.
In the Battle of the Colosseum, heroes’ targets are chosen as follows:
– The lower the combat power, the higher priority of being a target.
– The closer the enemy is, the higher the priority of being a target.
– In case two enemies are in the same distance, the one with higher combat power has priority of being a target.
The target selection and target change rules can be differed based on attack type and class.

In the Battle of the Colosseum, every hero has the following effect:
– 100% more HP
– 60% less damage, 60% less recovery, 50% less barrier
– Attack increases and defenses decreases over time after the battle.

During the battle, You can change the battle speed with the – + button.
The Info button allows you to turn on/off the demage, heal display.
At the end of the battle, the LP will be acquired according to the win or loss.
– If you win, You get 20~40 LP
– If you lose, You get 10~20 LP
You’ll get a better chance if you analyze the opponent’s squad and strategically deploy your heroes.


▶ Colosseum Reward
Players can earn the honor rewards daily basis and top rankers can earn Champion Medals extra.
The amount of rewards from Colosseum is based on the tier-ranking record recorded at 12:00 p.m. the previous night.The Beginner’s league has a default compensation amount for the honor points paid in tier-by-tier.
If the honor points you will receive in the league rank are less than the default compensation amount for the tier you belong to,
you will receive the honor points as much as the default reward amount.
If the honor points you will receive in the league are higher than the default compensation amount for your tier,
you will be awarded the honor points in the league ranking.

[Rune] Magic Item Rune


▶ What is the Rune?
The Rune is a mysterious magic item that increases a hero’s stat or gives him secondary traits.
You can put on the Rune from the [Quick Menu] > [Hero] > [Training] > [Rune] menu.

▶ Type of the Runes
The Rune is divided into Magic Rune, Ancient Rune.
Combine Magic Rune with Ancient Rune and make your own set of Rune for my heroes!
– Magic Rune
  Magic Rune has a mysterious effect that strengthens a hero’s stat.
  You can use it to make up for the drawbacks of hero’s stat.

Ancient Rune
Ancient Rune can give my hero special secondary traits.
  In a good combination, you can get an explosive effect.

▶ Rune Upgrade
Like equipment items, Runes can be upgraded in the blacksmith’s section to increase the stat.

[Community] Guild

▶ What is the Guild?

You can meet other Baeknangs to form a group here.
You can proceed from the [Quick menu] > [Community] > [Guild] menu.
▶ Join Guild & Create Guild

When entering the guild menu, you can sign up or create your own guild by selecting it from the recommendation list.
Your team level should be 20 or higher to create a guild
▶ Managing Guild

In the Manage menu, you can change join criteria or grant a position.
The guild can be increased from 21 at startup to up to 30 based on the guild level.
Guild level increases with guild members’ activities.

▶ Guild Camp

You can leave the guild from the Guild menu > Manage > Manage Guild.
However, you can join another guild eight hours after leaving the guild.

If your guild is participating a defense battle in a Guild match, check for ‘No Entry’ from the Guild War > Setup Fortress settings in the upper right corner. Then you can leave the guild after 00:30 when the Guild match is initialized.


▶ Guild Camp

The guild is provided with a dedicated camp where Guild members can meet in real time.
Guild camp can be decorated with decorations, so make your Guild camp look better

▶ Guild Achievement

When you achieve Guild Achievement, (guild Mark, camp, decoration etc…)
you can get guild marks, camp decorations, etc.
Why don’t we all work together and make it the best guild?

▶ Guild Ranking

The guild ranking is determined by the sum of all guild member’s scores.
Guild members can receive guild coins according to their rank on a daily basis.
You can purchase various items at the Guild Store.