[Summons] The Monthly Summons




▶ What is the Monthly Summons?

Monthly Summons is a special summon shop with two ways of summoning
: Honor coin summoing and Raid coin summoning.




▶ Equipment Changes

Equipment changes can be made free of the specified number of times..

Once the free number of changes has been exhausted, you can watch the AD or spend Raid coin or Honor coin to change.

※ The number of available equipment changes is reset every night at midnight.

※ After changing the equipment, randomly selected summoning equipment will be kept for 24 hours only.




▶ Equipment Purchases

You can use Honor coin, Raid coin, Crystals at Monthly Summon shop.
In addition, when you change the equipment, the purchase price of the crystal will be reduced with a certain probability.

※ The number of available equipment purchases is reset at 0:00 on the first day of each month.



[Growth] Pet




▶ What is Pet?

Pets that will accompany you on your journey are added.

The pets will accompany you on your journey and increace your hero’s stats.
You can equip them from [Menu] > [Hero] > [Pet].




▶ Pet Upgrade

You can make your pet stronger with another pets as materials.
You can upgrade them from the [Hero] > [Growth] > [Pet] > [Forge] menu.



▶ Pet Fuse

You can fuse two pets and obtain a pet with higher tier.
For fusing the pet, you need 2 maximum upgraded pets in same tier.

You can fuse your pet from [Forge] > [Pet Training Grounds]



▶ Main Pet Setup

You can set the Main Pet at the [Team info] menu.
And you can see them following you along at the square.

[Growth] Elstone





▶ What is Elstone?

It is an item with special ability that increases a hero’s stat.

You can equip it from the [Menu] > [Hero] > [Growth] > [Elstone] menu.



▶ Types of the Elstone

The Elstones are divided to Ora Elstone and Star Elstone.

– Ora Elstone

: It increases the hero’s stats and has a total of seven mounting slots.

– Star Elstone

: When you equip it, additional options for the Ora Elston can be released.
: Only certain hero can equip Star Elstone and only one slot is available.

※ Elston has fixed stat without potential.

The Elston can be obtained by clearing the Raids, and depending on the difficulty of the Raid,
the probability of acquisition and the tier of the Elston to be acquired will vary.




▶ Elstone Upgrade

You can upgrade the Elstone from [Hero] > [Growth] > [Elstone] > [Workshop] menu.
Only Elston can be used as a material for Elston upgrade.



Elstone Combine

You can use three elstones of the same tier as a material to obtain one of the same tier.




[Equipment] Combine





▶ What is the Combine?

This is a workshop content for obtaining new equipment by combining 3 equipment from the same tier.

You only can use Talisman, Ora Elstone, Star Elstone for combine.
You can proceed it from [Menu] > [Workshop] menu.

For the combining, three equipment from the same tier and gold are required as a material.


1) T1 ~ T3 Equipment
– When you combine T1 ~ T3 equipment, you get the same tier equipment with level 1 status.



2) T4 ~ T5 Equipment
– When you combine T4 ~ T5 equipment, you get equipment between the minimum
and maximum levels of the equipment used as a material.



[Guild] Guild War




What is Guild War?

The Guild War is a competitive content that works with Guild members to attack other Guild fortresses, defend them, and compete fiercely.

The Guild war is held on a season-by-season basis, and one season consists of 14 days.
During the Guild War, the guild members can attack other guild fortresses and set up their own fortresses for combat.

You can proceed it from [Quick menu] > [Guild War] menu.




▶ Setting the Fortress

All guild members, including guild leaders, can set up their own fortresses.
You can proceed it from [Guild War] > [Fortress Settings] menu.

The fortress is divided into three zones and can have up to three heroes per zone.

The deployed zones and heroes are used in defense battles.
※ However, if a hero is not deployed, the player may become vulnerable to attack from the opponent guild and easily lose points.




▶ Participation Settings

You can proceed the Participation Settings from [Guild War] > [Participation Management] menu.

Guild leader can choose up to eight of the fortresses to defense battles.

If the player choose fewer than eight, the rest of the fortress will be empty so the player will lose points more easily on the opponent’s attack.
※ If you do not select at least four fortresses to compete in a defense battle, you will not be able to participate in the Guild War the following day.

Each of the eight fortresses selected is rated. The higher the grade, the more HP the fortress has, and the higher the score when the enemy crosses the fortress.
※ You can set up the fortresses and participation settings from 0:30 to 23:00.
※ On Day 14, the last day of the season, the battle will only be carried out without any fortress settings or participation settings.

– Criteria for selecting a defense fortress rating

1. Two fortresses with the highest defense are selected as Class-1 fortresses.
2. Next, two fortresses with high defense are selected as Class-2 fortresses.
3. The remaining four fortresses are selected as Class-3 fortresses.
※ Empty fortresses are selected as Class-3 fortresses.




▶ Attacking Enemies’ Fortress

All guilds can participate regardless of their defense participation.

The opponent guild that matched against our guild will be displayed and you will be given three chances to challenge each guild member.

A The fortress that have not yet been attacked can only be checked for grade.

If any of the guild members have completed the attack, you can check the owner, rating, and record of our guild’s attack.

Build a strong unit and strategy to attack the rival Guild Fortress to rank higher!

※ The 1st day of Guild War will be held without combat, only the fortress setup and the competition setting will be carried out.



▶ Proceed the Battle

Guild Wars will have up to three heroes in each zone.

You can replace a hero before you start a battle in each zone, but you can’t re-deploy a hero who once played.

Also, you have to deploy a new hero in every section of the battle at Guild Wars.
The same hero is not allowed to participate in other battle zone.

In the Battle of Guild Wars, all heroes have the following effect:
– HP 100% Increase
– Attack 70%, Damage 60%, Healing 70%, Protection 50% Decrease
– As time passes after battle begins, attack increases and defense decreases.

If the players eliminate all deployed heroes within the time limit then automatically move to the next zone.
And the players can either stop the progression or change the squad after moving to the next zone.

If you leave the game after a pause during a battle, the challenge will not be restored.
But if you try again, you won’t be able to fight again. If you try again, you will have to start from the beginning.

– The following are the cases of a battle termination:
1. Defeat all 5 areas
2. All my heroes are killed in battle.
3. Timeout during the battle
4. Give up the battle
※ Battle can only be carried out from 0:30 to 23:00.



▶ Obtaining the Score

At the end of the battle, the score will be calculated based on the total number of zones broken, the number of heroes killed, and the cobsumed time.

The faster you complet the area, the higher your score.

※ However, if there are fewer enemy heroes, player will get more points. If a player breaks the zone, the same score will be given regardless of the number of enemies heroes deployed.




▶ Guild War Compensation

The guild ranking is determined by comparing the scores earned in the Guild War at every midnight.
Guild coins will be provided by guild post according to guild ranking.
Honor points and champion medals are awarded through mailboxes.
※ Only Guild members who have completed more than one battle the previous day will be rewarded.



[Equipment] Transcendence


▶ What is the Transcendence?

The transcendence is workshop content that can grow equipment or runes beyond the limit..
You can try this from the [Workshop] > [Forge] menu or [Refine Runes].


Once you transcend the equipment,
additional stats are added to the equipment according to the transcendence phase.
For transcending the equipment, you need golds and mana shards, and indentical equipment as mataterial.


If you fail to transcend, you earn the mileage.
And if the mileage is full you can transcend without any material use or cost.
And there is no possibility of failure.

※ If the transcendence is successful, the earned mileage will be reset.

[Raid] Elite Mercenary


▶ What is Star Mercenary?

Star Mercenary is the system to hire the heroes of the top ranking White-Wulves’ heroes as mercenaries.
Star Mercenary can be hired from the Dungeon Raid and World Boss’s [lobby].

※ Even if you hire your friend’s hero as an Star Mercenary,
     you won’t be able to reduce your employment costs, and your friend mercenary rewards will not increase.


▶ The Mercenaries Activities and Rank

The number of mercenary activity increases by the number of times your hero is hired as an Star Mercenary.
You can check the number and rank of your mercenaries’ activities in the rank menu of [Raid] > [Merc Lobby].

[Challenge] Expedition

▶What is The Expedition?
The Expedition is the content helping you to clear challenge battle easier and faster.
You can try from the [Challenge] > [Expedition] menu.

▶ Deploying the Expedition
The battles meet certain requirements are listed.
You can start the expedition by selecting the battle and squad.
The expedition is automatically set to a difficulty level that meets the recommended combat power.

* Requirements
1) You must have a clear record of that challenge battle.
2) You must have deployed the squad for that challenge battle.
3) The combat power of the deployed squad should be higher than
the recommended combat power of the lowest level’s recommended combat power.

※ The battles that don’t meet expedition requirements are not listed.

When you start your expedition, the number of remaining battle count and the energy needed for your challenge are immediately consumed.

At the completion of the expedition, you can earn the rewards for that challenge battle for the number of battle you’ve deployed.