[Challenge] Expedition

▶What is The Expedition?
The Expedition is the content helping you to clear challenge battle easier and faster.
You can try from the [Challenge] > [Expedition] menu.

▶ Deploying the Expedition
The battles meet certain requirements are listed.
You can start the expedition by selecting the battle and squad.
The expedition is automatically set to a difficulty level that meets the recommended combat power.

* Requirements
1) You must have a clear record of that challenge battle.
2) You must have deployed the squad for that challenge battle.
3) The combat power of the deployed squad should be higher than
   the recommended combat power of the lowest level's recommended combat power.

※ The battles that don't meet expedition requirements are not listed.

When you start your expedition, the number of remaining battle count and the energy needed for your challenge are immediately consumed.

At the completion of the expedition, you can earn the rewards for that challenge battle for the number of battle you've deployed.


[Adventure] LuLu’s Support

▶ What is Lulu's Support?
The Lulu's Support is buff content you can get buff effect and rewards from the White-Wulf manager Lulu at the adventure.
You can use Lulu's Support from the [Adventure Battle Pop-up] > [Support] menu.


▶ Using Lulu's Support
Touch the support you want and click 'Use' button to try.

※ The number of available counts is automatically charged at 12 o'clock every night.
※ Lulu's Support cannot be used in duplicate.

▶ The Support Effect
While Lulu's Support is activated, you get more golds from adventure battles.


▶ Bonus
Every time you complete an adventure battle for a set number of times while Lulu's support is in effect,
You can get one of the selected bonus at random.


At the 'Bonus received' section you can check the bonuses earned from Lulu's Support.

[Compete] Infinity Fotress






▶ What is the Infinite Fortress?
The Infinite Fortress is the content that you can compete with the other White-Wulves until all heroes you have fallen.

You can proceed from the [Compete] > [Infinite Fortress] menu.


▶ Various Battle Factors
The defense squad of other White-Wulves and monsters of Ballam appear to beat you down. 

At the same time, exciting combat takes place through various traps to enjoy intense battles, 
golden monsters and monster chest that can be redeemed for additional rewards.

If the battle time gets longer at the same stage, an angry morax will appear, causing great damage to the heroes. 
If morax appears the second time in the same stage, the battle will be forcibly terminated.

▶ Forming a Squad & Basic Score
You can form an Attack Squad and Defense Squad in the Infinite Fortress. 

1) Attack Squad
: When the battle gets started, you can assign 3 heroes in an Attack Squad. 
Other heroes can substitute the heroes when they've killed in the battle.

2) Defense Squad
: You can assign your heroes in a Defense Squad that will appear as enemies against other White-Wulves’s battle.

※ Higher your Defense Squad’s star grade, level, and awaken level of the Heroes, you get a more basic score.

▶ Changing Hero in the Middle of Battle
If your hero is killed while you’re fighting against the battle in the Infinite Fortress, 
you can substitute that hero with other hero and keep fighting.

When every hero in the battlefield all killed but you don’t substitute other hero 
or all the heroes you have killed so there is no hero left, the battle will end. 

▶ Continue the Battle (Pause the Battle)
There is an auto-save point in the Infinite Fortress. 
You can pause the battle and rearrange your squad and proceed the battle again. 

※ When you pause the battle, even you change your Attack Squad the heroes in the battlefield won’t be changed. 

▶ Today's Monster Element
The element of the monsters in the Infinite Fortress are changed every midnight. 

Consider enemies’s element to form a strategic squad. 

▶ Ranking & Compensation
The score is ranked according to the result of the battle and is ranked at 12 o'clock every night,
and Honor rewards can be obtained according to the rankings.

[GUIDE] I want to know about the Summon Shop.

Q. I want to know about the Summon Shop.

A. In the Summon Shop, you can get the equipments and runes that grants hero options with crystals.

Except for the free summoning, If you get T3 equipment and the runes your Summon Mileage increases.
If the Summon Miles are full, the Miles can be consumed to obtain one of the four rewards at random.

[GUIDE] I want to upgrade the potential of my equipments.

 Q. I want to upgrade the potential of my equipments. ​

A. From the Forge > Equipment menu, you can modify the potential of your equipment.

With Mana Shards, some Gold and Crystals, you can choose the options that you want to modify.

※ Each option has a different modification success rate depending on its potential grade.

If you fail to modify the potential, the durability of potential modification is reduced.
Once its durability is all exhausted, durability recovery pop-up will appear and you can recover its durability.

[GUIDE] I want to change the options of the equipment.

Q. I want to change the options of the equipment. ​

A. from the Forge > Equipment menu, you can modify the options of the equipment.

For modifying the equipment, you need a Crest of modification, Lava Rock, Essence.
And after modification, the option's potential goes down to a C-grade and the durability is reduced.

※ When the durability of the option modification is exhausted, the durability can not be recovered.

After the option modification, you can choose between the options before modification and options after modification.
If the game is terminated before you choose the options, go to the Forge menu to choose the options again.

[GUIDE] How can I register my friends?


Q. How can I register my friends? 

A. You can send friend request to suggested friends from the Community > Friend menu. 
And you also can be a friend with other White-Wulves with friends searching feature.

In addition, If you become a friend with other White-Wulves, you can hire their heroes at Raid/WorldBoss battle with lower cost. 

If you hire friend's hero as mercenary 3 times, you can get the energy as reward from the friends list.