How to report abusive language and inappropriate chat



If you find a player swearing, aggressive and inappropriate chatting in the game,
please fill out a form with screenshot of the chat content and the team name you want to report and contact the customer center.

When receiving reports of abusive language and aggressive chatting,
we will monitor the chat and take action in accordance with the policy of operation of the ELCHRONICLE.

■ Customer Center



If you cannot find updates on Appstore



1. Device settings > Manage App > App Manger > Google Play Store
2. Delete cache, data
3. Reboot your device and open Google Play Store
4. Re-install ELCHRONICLE
※ If you are using a guest account, your account may be lost, so we recommend that you proceed with the account linked.


■ iOS
1. Appstore > Touch human-shaped on upper-right
2. Drag your screen from top to bottom to refresh
3. Check updates > Proceed [Updates]



How to report a player using illegal programs, abusing or Cheating



If you find a player using illegal programs, abusing, or cheating in the game,
please report customer center with the screenshots and the team name you want to report.

We will deliver the information to the development team to monitor illegal programs, abusing,
and cheating, and the action will be carried out in accordance with the policy of operation of the ELCHRONICLE.

We will do our best to create a fair game environment.

■ Customer Center



How to check my account is linked?



If you can’t remember the account information linked to the ELCHRONICLE,
you can check from Google and Facebook websites.
※ Customer center cannot confirm the detailed account information that linked to game.
※ If you use a guest account, your account may be lost. Please link your account to protect your valuable game data.


■ Facebook
1. Menu on upper-right > Settings&privacy > Settings > Apps and websites
2. Check if it’s linked to ELCHRONICLE
☞ Facebook Account Link Confirmation


■ Google
1. Account > Security > Third-party apps with account access > Manage third-party access
2. Check if it’s linked to ELCHRONICLE
☞ Google Account Link Confirmation



[Notice] Play with App player



You can play ELCHRONICLE with App player.

However, we do not assist any troublem caused while you’re play the game with App player.

Also, it is difficult to help you with problems caused by installing games with unacceptable APK files other than Google Play Store.

ELCHRONICLE has been developed for use in mobile environments, and we recommend that you play games in mobile environments whenever possible.

If you have any related quetion about this, please contact to customer center.

■ Customer Center



Customer Center Representative’s Civil Rights Policy Enforcement


Hello! This is Cravemob team!

For all the questions you have about our game.
We have 1: 1 customer center through e-mail. (

However, recently some users are abusing the anonymity of their emails. 
There are growing numbers of intimidating and abusive messages that violate the human rights of our counselors.

In order to protect the human rights of counselors,
We, Crave Mob, implement customer center operation policy as following from June 15, 2018

[The Customer Center counselors’s Human Rights Protection Policy]

1. The following are acts that violate the human rights of counselors:
– Questions including abuse of counselors, sexual harassment, Infringement of personality, and any kind of threatening
– Inquiries with offensive words, sexual harassment, Infringement of personality, and any kind of threatening that unrelated to the work
– Interfering with counseling due to constant abuse, sexual harassment, Infringement of personality, or any kind of threatening.
– Interfering with the counseling service by words or phrases that may cause serious mental harm to the counselors.

2. If the consultant’s human rights are violated through inquiries, the consultation will be discontinued.
– Consultation will resume only when we receive inquiries that do not contain operational policy violations.

※ If the degree of violation of the human rights of the counselor is considered serious as shown in the example below,
    Please note that you may be liable for legal liability.

1) Abusing, insulting, or abusive use of the counselor’s appearance or specific body parts
2) Asking a counselor for a private meeting or involving a lewd joke
3) Sexual orientated , abusive, or abusive use of counselor’s family members
4) Showing images such as photographs that may give the counselor a sexual humiliation.
5) Anything that can give the counselor have a sexual aversion or shame
E-mail inquiries will be answered within 2 business days.
However, consultation may be suspended if the user violates the policy for human rights protection policy.
We will always do our best for a kind and prompt consultation.
Thank you.

If the access restriction window is opened due to the refund abuse


We notify you about the Google Play Store refund abuse.

Google Play Store’s Refund policy says if you have a problem with your purchased products and cannot cotact to the developer,
the refund can be made within 48 hours of the purchase.

We comply with the Google policy and when you have a problem with the purchase,
The customer center provides recovery and refund processing for the product.

However, despite using the product without any problem
Some users are trying to cancel a payment by exploiting Google’s refund policy.

For this issue we’re having, Google’s head office recommends the following solutions:

Recently we have learned there are increasing number of users who try to abuse our customer support team's refund policy, trying to receive digital contents without paying money. We are currently working hard to reduce this problem as soon as possible. At the same time, if you are able to identify abusing users, we encourage you to provide some penalty to those users in your service, such as removing some items from those users' account, or rejecting access to your service from those abusing users.

Following Google headquarter’s guideline, we conduct our own Inspection.
And we inform you that
the restriction will be carried out without warning to users who have exploited the refund policy.

This action will prevent all users who are using the game normally from causing relative damage.
Please understand that we are working on create a fair gaming environment.

If you have been subjected to Restricted Abuse Restrictions, but you have objections,
Please contact us by e-mail.
– Account Name
– Inquiry
– Screenshot of the receipt of the refunded product

☞ Cumstomer Center :

▶ How to withdraw the subscription?

If you want to withdraw your subscription and get refund, 
Please report us as following bellow without using the products you bought.

☞ How to send an inquiry of withdraw a subscription and refund

We will do our best to create a fair gaming environment through regular inspectations and restrictions.
Thank you.

If the Game Stutters


The connection error of the El Chronicle can occur for a variety of reasons.
Please check the information below.

■ When you’re running too many apps at the same time
When you’re running too many apps at the same time, lack of memory can cause disconnection
Please run the game with all other apps closed for stable connection.

■ When you are moving or network is not stable
Switch to WIFI/LTE or reconnect the game in a place with a good network.

■ When the server is not stable
If a problem occurs on the main server,
We will try to notify you as soon as possible.

■ When your cell phone’ OS version does not meet the minimum specification
Please check the minimum specification and upgade your cell phone’ OS version

■ When the graphics are set too high.
From the Graphics menu in the Game Configuration,
Set all graphic options to ‘OFF’ for better game play experience.

If the Daily Package Reward is not provided


Please check the information below regarding the Daily Package.

■ If the Daily Pakage Reward is not provided
Daily reward for monthly subscription products will be provided once a day, by e-mail, during the period the monthly subscription is applied.
Please make sure that you have received the reward in your mailbox after connection.

■ If the Daily Package Reward is not provided immediately after the purchase
The monthly subscription products are provided immediately in your mailbox.

If the reward is not provided in the mailbox after the Daily Pakage purchase,
Please send us 1:1 inquiry, we will check and try to help you.

[If the products you paid are not provided (Android)]