[UPDATES] Ver 1.6.2 Updates Notes

◆ Aqua Sidestory

Aqua is engaged in research with Urbon, which is broken by Dean.
Jade and Aqua's younger brother Chipu are worried about Aqua, who does not come out of the lab for days.
In the end, Chipu plans something… 

The desert sage, Aqua's sidestory is coming up.
※ From the Inn > Request > Sidestory menu, you can check the request from Aqua.

◆ The New Costumes
The new costumes of heroes are released. 
YeryungSuhwa's new costume that she wore to infiltrate the Ribbel School through the dimensional gate. 
And Occasio, who starts a new career as a trainee teacher in Ribbel Magic School.

◆ Lulu's Support
New buff system Lulu's Support is newly added. 
With Lulu's support, you can get clearing rewards buff and a special bonus from Lulu. 
Let's take a journey with the support from Lulu the White-Wulf Manager. 

◆ The Expedition
The Expedition system that makes challenging content easier is added.
By sending an expedition, you can get clearing rewards even if you do not fight the battle.
Send your Expedition to the Mission, Raids, and Domain Defense battles. 

◆ Japanese Voice Added
Japanese voice dubbing and title theme are newly added. 
Meet the heroes of the Balam with top class Japanese voice actors. 

◆ The Rune Refinery Renovated
The Rune Refinery is renovated. And new magic rune crafting is added. 
Get the Runes from newly renovated Rune Refinery. 

◆ The Infinite Fortress Improvements and Rebalancing

– You can check the heroes by moving left and right at the lobby. Equipped costumes and victory motions are applied.
– The damage from the dust area to the heroes or enemies increases. 
– Human-typed monsters are replaced to monster-typed.
– The 4, 7, 10, 14, 18, 22 level's difficulty increase. 
– The buff box effect that is dropped when the boss monster is killed is enhanced, and the duration is increased.
– The cannon is changed to give damage proportional to the maximum HP of the target.
– You can skip some levels according to the score you receive by deploying defense squad.
– The Infinite Fortress's unlock point changed from the Grave of Bitter Grief to the Forbidden prison. 

※ When the update is patched, the number of counts of the Infinite Fortress will be reseted.

◆ The Adventure Improvements and Changes

– A Hero piece reward for one hero among the squad has been added in all chapters.
– Team level restrictions are removed from Adventure. 
– The monster hunting battle is removed and you can get more rewards from Lulu's support.
– All of the sub-area adventures will reward the same amount of golds.

◆ The Alchemy Improvement and Rebalancing
* Improvements
1) You will get push alarm when the alchemy is completed.
2) The alarm will be displayed at the Village when the Alchemy is completed. 

3) Now you can remove the deployed heroes at once. ​

* Rebalancing
– The consuming time for the Essences Alchemy and Low Upgrade Stones reduced from 48 hours to 24 hours. 
  And obtaining amount and materials for Alchemy are adjusted at 50% for the shortened time.

※ On-going alchemy or not-received alchemy rewards will be given through the Mailbox at once.

◆ The Real-Time Information Added
The feature that you can check the damage/defense/restore amount during the battle is added.
You can set this feature on from the Option > Battle menu. 

※ This feature is not supported for Colosseum battle. 

◆ Balance Change of Some Heroes
Some heroes' balance will be changed. 

※ We will notify you of the details in a separate announcement.

◆ Some Content Improvements and Difficulty Changes
– The recommended combat power reduced for Inferno level of the Missions. 
– The recommended combat power for 7 level or higher for Brumoor, Krogas, Jungle Urbons, Onis slightly reduced. 
– The recommended combat power for Draikon, Fallen Gigas slightly reduced. 
– The Limited time system for connecting heroes at the Inn is removed. 
– The maximum selectable number of upgrade materials increases to 20 at the Forge and Rune refinery. 

◆ Some Changes at the Shop
– The food and the number of the daily purchase at the Raidshop are slightly reduced.
– The Low Upgrade Stone is removed from the Wandering Shop. 


◆ ETC Improvements and Changes
– The bug that you couldn't re-join the single raid battle after the connection is lost is fixed. 
– The bug that UI display disappeared intermittently at potential&option modifying is fixed. 
– The bug that AI hero doesn't move at the moment that the alarm of Worldboss Morax appears is fixed. 
– The bug hero printed all black after unlocking hiding skill is fixed.
– The bug that grace's skill 'Multi-stab' intermittently targets the air, not the enemy is fixed. 
– The bug that the hero under 6-star grade displayed as 6-star grade hero is fixed. 
– The bug that plays latest BGM not the ambience sounds at the Eldorn is fixed. 
– After completing the battle request, when you move to the inn, the completed battle request will be displayed.
– The bug that skill effects for healing didn't match to the hero's position is fixed.
– The bug that playing different hero's voice at the Hero Info view is fixed. 
– The bug that the camera didn't move when you hire only mercenaries for real-time battle is fixed. 
– The bug that hero rating system missing the new data is fixed
– The optimization has done to make the game smoother even under unstable network conditions.
– The bug that hero's combat power didn't match to level-up pop-up is fixed.
– The bug that the amount of Aqua's crossbow healing in real-time combat was not counted in the battle is fixed.
– When a play left alone during a real-time battle with more than 2 players,
   the bug that the users could play with full-auto mode is fixed.
– The UI display and loading optimization have done.
– The difficulty 'Easy ~ Inferno' system changes to 'level 1 ~ level 60' system.
– Opening theme will be changed to [Silver Lining (feat. Raon Lee)].

※ We will notify you of the details in a separate announcement.
※ Updates may change depending on the circumstances.

Thank you. 

[Notice] Worldboss Balance Improvements and Changes

The Worldboss is changed and some changes applied to Worldboss. 

For more details, check down below. 

◆ Worldboss Change Schedule
– 2019. 03. 24 (sun) 8pm ~ until separate notice.
– 10 munites after Worldboss Agares disappears, Morax will appear. 

◆ Improvements and few Changes
– Gargoyle statue will be removed from Worldboss.
– Inferno Lv.7 will be added.

– The spiderlings won't appear during battle.
– The fly holes won't appear during battle.
– The maggots won't be summoned anymore from the all-round damage skill that Agares used to use in Inferno difficulty level after transformation.
– All-round damage skill is changed so that it deals damage by 20% of maximum HP each time.

※ The number of available clear count of Worldboss will be updated every day at 8:00 pm as usual.

[Notice] Change the Name of Some Stats

The term 'Reduce' change to 'Defense' in Ver 1.5.8 Updates.
For more details, check down below.

◆ Changes
– Critical DMG Reduce → Defense: Crit DMG
– Elite Enemy DMG Reduce → Defense: E. enemy DMG
– Normal Enemy DMG Reduce → Defense: N. enemy DMG
– PvP DMG Reduce → Defense: PvP
– Raid DMG Reduce → Defense: Raid
– Woldboss DMG Reduce → Defense: World Boss DMG
– Basic Atk DMG Reduce → Defense: B. ATK DMG
– Skill DMG Reduce → Defense: Skill DMG
– Ultimate Skill Atk → Bonus Ult DMG
– Ultimate Skill DMG Reduce → Defense: Ult DMG

[UPDATES] Ver 1.5.8 Updates Notes


◆ New Hero, Princess of the Kingdom lost in the sand ‘Isha’
Don't you wonder why she lost her country and her family and wanders around the rugged land of Iubar?
Princess of the Kingdom lost deep in the sand, Isha is waiting for you.



◆ Jango's Sidestory

After HwangSeongik who had revived the Gwangsung Consortium passed away, Empyrean started to keep Gwangsung Consortium in check.
Jango is dedicated to protecting HwangBopae and Gwangsung Consortium and to repay Hwang Sung-ik's kindness.
The Gwangsung's Shield, Jango's sidestory is coming up.
※ You can check his story from the Inn > Request > Sidestory menu.



◆ The New Costumes
The new costumes of heroes are released.
Wolyeong's new outfit that she wore to infiltrate the Ribbel Magic School,
Jade's new outfit, she wore when she was sent to the Ribbell Magic School for magic and technology exchange.


◆ The New Dungeon Raid
Julia's nemesis, Blackbeard appears in Dungeon Raid battle.
Take advantage of the obstacles and beat the Blackbeard.



◆ The Infinite Fortress
The new battle content, ‘Infinite Fortress’ newly opens.
In the Infinite Fortress, the battle continues until all the combatants are down.
Not just monsters of Balam but also other White-Wulves appear as enemies to beat you down.
Form the best squad as you can and fight against them!


◆ New Alchemy/Cooking/Meal
At the renovated Ella's Inn, you can experience the fun of growing heroes through easier and simpler Alchemy, Cooking, and Meal system.

1) Alchemy
You can choose an Alchemy Design and proceed it. It takes time to alchemize and at least one hero need to be deployed.
With all the slots filled with heroes and designs, you can easily and conveniently manage your Alchemizing with 'Alchemize all' function.
※ If you place a hero with a high grade or awaken level, the amount of Alchemy compensation will increase.


2) Cooking
You can make food items using ingredients. The foods used to provide buff effects. But now through the meals, you can grow the hero's stats.
※ Existing food items will be removed. Unused food items will be paid back in maintenance check with the gold and materials.

3) Meal
The newly designed Meal menu can raise the stats of your heroes.
Through this menu, you will create a more intimate relationship with the heroes.

◆ The Hero Position Information
The hero position information will be added to Training > Info menu

◆ Connect Apple Game Center Achievements
When playing a game in an iOS Game Center linked account, some achievements will be linked to the achievements of the game center.


◆ Colosseum Time Buff Effects Improvements
The time buff effects of Colosseum will be changed like below.


◆ A Few Changes in the Shop and Forge
– An available number of purchase Alchemy/Cooking ingredients in Raid Shop increases.
– Essences and Upgrade Stone are added to the Wandering Shop.
– Trait material and equipment upgrade material are added to the Honor Shop.
– The set armor and exclusive weapon are excluded from the Honor Shop and these are added to the Forge.
– Different materials and daily available purchase count of Honor Shop are increased.
– Now you can craft Salvation Dragon Knight Armor from the Forge.
– Now you can craft Brooch Accessory from the Forge.

◆ Adventure Difficulty Balance Changes
– The difficulty of the solo battle chapter of Dean and Kael in season 2 will be changed.
– PaengGeumbo's battle balance will be changed in the 4th story stage of the Crimson Temple.
– BaekLicheon and JaegalMageon's battle balance will be changed in the 6th story stage of the Crimson Temple.
– Markon, Dice and Reinhardt's battle balance will be changed in the 4th~7th story stage of the Rasben.
– Reinhardt and Occasio's battle balance will be changed in the 2th~8th story stage of Castle Caman.



◆ Renewed Worldboss
– Through the updates, the performance and difficulty of the Worldboss will be adjusted and Morax will appear.
※ We will notify you of the Worldboss changes and Morax in a separate notice.

◆ The Rewards Increase and Other Improvements
1) The Honor Points Rewards Increase
– Ranking Honor points rewards in the Colosseum increase.
– You can get extra rewards through the ranking of Infinite Fortress.

2) Gold Rewards Increase
– The rewards from the nightmare level or below of the Carriage Escort increase.
– You can get extra golds through the ranking of Infinite Fortress.

3) Daily Achievement Energy Rewards Increase
– The connecting rewards you could get from a daily achievement menu increase.

※ The rewards increase will be applied after the update check.



◆ Change the Name of Some Stats
– The term 'Reduce' change to 'Defense' after updates.

※ For more details, we will notify you with a separate notice.


◆ Other improvements and Fixes
– The Quick Chat feature is added to the Square and Guild Camp.
– The ultimate skill of Wolyung can be used regardless of HP now.
– In pause mode, by selecting the hero, you can check their Element, Basic Attack, Skill Atack.
– In the Training menu, If you touch [Workshop] > [Salvage] button, now you will move to the Refine Runes menu not the Forge menu.
– The bug that heroes used to stuck in between the towels intermittently during the Domain Defense battleis fixed.
– The bug that you could use Trap Grenade skill of Jade from outside of the screen is fixed.
– The graphic and UI errors in Gladiator Battle are fixed.
– The bug that minions of heroes didn't attack the enemies intermittently is fixed.
– The bug that showing warning message and attacking wrong spots in the Attack! Brumoor battle are fixed.
– For optimizing issue, the hero's portrait in the battle UI changes to use 2D portrait.
– The tutorials are updated for newly added content.
– You can accept and proceed daily request on weekends now.
– The maximum level of the Alchemist goes up to Lv.30 from Lv.20.
– Tiger Ancient Rune summoning package, Knight Hero Set armor package, Magical Hero Set armor package are no longer available for purchase.

※ We will notify you of the details in a separate announcement.
※ Updates may change depending on the circumstances.

Thank you.

[Compete] Infinity Fotress






▶ What is the Infinite Fortress?
The Infinite Fortress is the content that you can compete with the other White-Wulves until all heroes you have fallen.

You can proceed from the [Compete] > [Infinite Fortress] menu.


▶ Various Battle Factors
The defense squad of other White-Wulves and monsters of Ballam appear to beat you down. 

At the same time, exciting combat takes place through various traps to enjoy intense battles, 
golden monsters and monster chest that can be redeemed for additional rewards.

If the battle time gets longer at the same stage, an angry morax will appear, causing great damage to the heroes. 
If morax appears the second time in the same stage, the battle will be forcibly terminated.

▶ Forming a Squad & Basic Score
You can form an Attack Squad and Defense Squad in the Infinite Fortress. 

1) Attack Squad
: When the battle gets started, you can assign 3 heroes in an Attack Squad. 
Other heroes can substitute the heroes when they've killed in the battle.

2) Defense Squad
: You can assign your heroes in a Defense Squad that will appear as enemies against other White-Wulves’s battle.

※ Higher your Defense Squad’s star grade, level, and awaken level of the Heroes, you get a more basic score.

▶ Changing Hero in the Middle of Battle
If your hero is killed while you’re fighting against the battle in the Infinite Fortress, 
you can substitute that hero with other hero and keep fighting.

When every hero in the battlefield all killed but you don’t substitute other hero 
or all the heroes you have killed so there is no hero left, the battle will end. 

▶ Continue the Battle (Pause the Battle)
There is an auto-save point in the Infinite Fortress. 
You can pause the battle and rearrange your squad and proceed the battle again. 

※ When you pause the battle, even you change your Attack Squad the heroes in the battlefield won’t be changed. 

▶ Today's Monster Element
The element of the monsters in the Infinite Fortress are changed every midnight. 

Consider enemies’s element to form a strategic squad. 

▶ Ranking & Compensation
The score is ranked according to the result of the battle and is ranked at 12 o'clock every night,
and Honor rewards can be obtained according to the rankings.

[UPDATES] Ver 1.5.4 Updates Notes


◆ A New Hero, Desert Sage 'Aqua'
Aqua, who made war weapon Urbon and witnessed the tragedy.
Don't you want to know about the story of Aqua and the war machine Urborn?
The Desert Sage, Aqua is waiting for you. 

◆ MaSeolin's Side Story

MaSeolin traces Jawoon and reaches the Crimson Temple. 
However, it was not Jawoon who was waiting for MaSeolin in the Crimson Temple. 
MaSeolin got another problem with her constant tracking.
Come check the story of MaSeolin the Blue Fox. 

※ From the Inn > Request > Sidestory menu, you can check her story. 

◆ New Costumes
New costumes of heroes have been released.
Meet Gwen, the guardian of sanctuary. 
And reincarnated JaegalMageon, who has reconstructed his body as a human being.

◆ The Additional Improvements of the Colosseum
An AI setting function is added to set hero's target and action.
6 elemental traits and awakening skills are applied to the Colosseum, allowing for more strategic battle.
1) Target Settings
 : This is the function that allows the hero to set the attack target.
   Each target setting consumes the cost, and you can not set targets beyond the limit

2) Action Settings
 : You can set the hero's action according to the situation that occurs during the battle.

※ The rechallenge in the Colosseum is not included in the record.
※ For more details, we will guide you through the new Coliseum Guide.

◆ The Opening of The Rune Refinery
The Forge changed name to the Workshop. 
NPC Verdandi is waiting for you at the Rune Refinery. 

◆ Error Fix and Other Improvements
– A quit button is added to the Square and Guild camp.
– The Element icon used to disappear from the Hero Training and Hero Book menu intermittently. This bug is fixed. 
– When you enter the Domain Defense, the recent level of difficulty is automatically selected. 
– Even trial counts for Domain Defense still remains, the notification icon was not displayed intermittently. This bug is fixed. 
– In Dungeon Desert Blade Raid, character couldn't move from some specific spot. This bug is fixed. 
– When you invite someone to the Raid, the Sort button in the invitation pop-up didn't work.
   This bug is fixed and now the Sort button displays whole channel menu. 
– When you touch the Beast Transformation skill of Iri in pause mode, a skill information of Beast Transformation appeared. This bug is fixed. 
– In the Blitz, available battle counts and remaining time for refreshment didn't appear. This bug is fixed. 
– In the chat, some of the effects of the Acient Rune equipment notification pop-up was overlapped. This bug is fixed.
– The notification icon for upgrade-available equipment only appears on Tier Up tab.


– The new Alchemy/Cooking system has been excluded from the update due to development issues, It will be included in the next updates.
  This has been delayed so we can provide better quality and we will do our best to update it as soon as possible.
– For stable server circumstance, CANADA server region change to US-East. And the server data will be moved,

※ For more details, we will guide you through the new Coliseum Guide.
※ Details of the updates can be changed depending on the situation.

Thank you. 

[UPDATES] Ver 1.5.3 Updates Notes


◆ PaengGeumbo Side Story Adamantine External Style Master, PaengGeumbo.
There was a close companion watching him trying to build the country for the Beastkins…
※ You can check the side story of PaengGeumbo in the INN > REQUEST > SIDE STORY menu. 

◆ The New Costumes
The New costumes for the heroes are out.
Meet the Corrupted knight Dean wearing his cursed battle gear 
and Kael who was seduced to be Grand Duke by the Lord of the West. 

◆ Lunar New Year's Day! New Event Battle on Appearance
It's Lunar New Year's Day! The new event battle 'The New Year's Festival of the East Ballam' added. 
Check the new event battle and get rewards!

◆ Lulu the Manager
When you enter the Village, Lulu gives you helpful tips for the game and some chit-chat.


◆ A Makeover of the Costume Shop
From now on, you can buy the costumes with the exclusive point 'Threads'.
You can get the Threads from the exclusive charging center called 'Threads Workshop'.


◆ Improvements of the Colosseum
The opponents list exposed at once is reduced to 6 and the list can be refreshed without having battle all of them.
※ However, the battles you didn't proceed with are automatically marked as defeated and the LP is reduced when the opponent is changed.


◆ Improvements of the Element Traits, Attack Factor Pop-up
From the QuickMenu > Grow menu, you can see the details of the attack factor by touching the 'Info' button.
In addition, by touching the element traits icon you can not only check the element trait of your hero but also check the info of other elements.


◆ Improvements of the Forge
Some features were added at the Forge.
The Menu is sub-divided to be more accessible.


◆ Improvements of Options Modification System
When you modify your equipment, you can check the change of the options you selected at last.

1) If you select the existing options

2) If you select the modified options


◆ A Better Energy Indicator in Auto Battle
In auto battle mode, new system indicates the current energy.

◆ Bug Fix and Revisions
– Bug fixed: When you have YeryungSuhwa and JegalWoon in your squad, sometimes JegalWoon's skill 'Sharp Charge' was unable to use. 
– Bug fixed: On the available raids window, the guild mark of the user who made the raids was exposed as basic guild mark. 
– Bug fixed: In a normal raid, some rewards, such as hero pieces were provided incorrectly. 
– Bug fixed: From time to time, you couldn't re-connect to the raid battle you quited during the game. 
– Bug fixed: AI heroes used to get stuck in between towers in the Domain Defense battles. 
– Revision: You can check the basic attack, skill attack from other menu besides Hero Training menu.
– Revision: The emoticons registered in Quick-chat are not changed in the order in which they are used..
– Revision: The difficulty level of JegalMageon, HwangBopae are fixed.