[Notice] Jan. 26th (Sun) Server Check-Up for Error Fix


Hello, This is GM Lulu.

Please be advised that we will be performing server maintenance.


◆ Schedule
– US EAST : 26th(Sun) january 11:10 PM ~ 11:30 PM
– US WEST : 25th(Sat) january 08:10 PM ~ 08:30 PM
– EUROPE : 26th(Sun) january 05:10 AM ~ 5:30 AM
– ASIA : 26th(Sun) january 12:00 PM ~ 12:20 PM
※ For protecting your game data, please shut down the game before the server maintenance.

◆ Changes
– Guild wars error will fixed.


Thank you.

[Notice] The Customer Center Closed on Korean Holiday




Hello, This is GM Lulu.

Due to the holiday in Korea, we inform you of the schedule for closing the customer center, please refer to it.


◆ Date
– 2020. 1. 24(Fri) ~ 2020. 1. 27(Mon)

We will answer your inquiries sequentially from January 28th.
We hope you will understand that your answers will be delayed due to the holiday closing.

We inform you how to solve frequently asked questions through the Customer Center,
so please refer to the FAQ shortcuts below.

☞ [FAQ] If the product is not provided after payment
☞ [FAQ] If Your Account Disappeared
☞ [FAQ] If an error occurs while downloading or playing the game
☞ [FAQ] If the Game Stutters

Thank you.



[公告] 春節假期客服中心休息






◆ 客服休息日程
– 2020年1月23日(四) ~ 2020年1月29日(三)


☞ [FAQ] 沒有收到已購買的商品
☞ [FAQ] 帳號消失
☞ [FAQ] 下載及安裝中發生錯誤
☞ [FAQ] 遊戲發生閃退





The Illegal Program User List_1. 20 (Mon)



Hello, This is ELCHRONICLE development team.

Recently, some users were identified using an illegal program for cheating.

To build a fair and pleasant gaming environment, the ELCHRONICLE development team has carried out permanent shutdowns for the users in accordance with the ELCHRONICLE operation policy.

And monitoring of illegal programs use and abusive manners has been strengthened.
We will continue to monitor users who use illegal programs to cheat, and try to create a fair gaming environment.

Please note that sanctions against the use of illegal programs cannot be restored.


■ The Illegal Program User List


Thank you.


1月20日(一) 因使用非法程式而被封鎖的帳號









■ 非法程式使用玩家





[公告] iOS 更新包發佈延遲補償贈禮





1月17日(五) iOS商店更新包發佈及維護工作已結束,

從 Ver 1.8.5 更新維護開始後沒有登入記錄的iOS白郎們,


◆ 補償贈禮內容
– 2,000,000 金幣
– 300個 能量
– 300個 水晶
– 100,000 團戰幣
– 3,000 榮譽點數
– 200個 優級經驗值藥水
– 100個 下級武器、防具、飾品、符文強化石







[Notice] iOS Updates Distribution Delay Compensation



Hello, this is GM Lulu.

The server maintenance for iOS Appstore on 17(Fri) January is completed.
Now you can play the game after updates from Appstore.

For all of you had inconvenience due to updates distribution delay,
we will provide compensation for the players who had no access records after Ver 1.8.5 updates server maintenance.


◆ Compensation
– 2,000,000 Gold
– 300 Energy
– 300 Crystal
– 100,000 Raid Coin
– 3,000 Honor Points
– 200 Superior EXP Potion
– 100 Low Weapon, Armor, Accessory, Rune Upgrade Stone

In addition, for White-Wulves who bought 30-days crystal package through iOS Appstore but couldn’t receive the product becuase of server problem(After updates server maintenance ~ Before server maintenance), we will provide crystal compensation through mailbox.

We would like to thank to all White-Wulves for their long wait. We will do our best to provide better service.

Thank you.

[Notice] Ver 1.8.5 iOS Updates Distribution Delay Notice




Hello, this is ELCHRONICLE development team.

Apple App Store (iOS) updates distribution is currently being delayed.

In general, the Apple App Store distribution took about an hour, so we ran the App Store distribution yesterday at 10:30 am.
However, no distribution is currently in progress.

As a development team, which is supposed to provide a seamless service to players, we are very sorry that we cannot inform you of the exact time to complete this process.

The development team promises to continually monitor the deployment and inform you as soon as changes occur. There will be a separate reward for players who are unable to play due to delay in iOS distribution.

※ The rewards will only be given to accounts that do not have access records after starting the 1.8.4 updates maintenance and the last record must be recorded from an iOS device.

※ We will notify you of the compensation details after the update is released.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused, and we thank all of you for waiting for a long time.

Thank you.