Performing server maintenance for Upgrade.


Ver 2.0.0 update schedule has been changed due to AOS distribution delay.


Hello, this is GM Lulu.

Please be advised that we will be performing server maintenance.


◆ Date
– US EAST : 20th (Wed) January 08:30 PM ~ 21th (Tue) January 06:30 AM
– US WEST : 20th (Wed) January 05:30 PM ~ 21th (Tue) January 3:30 AM
– EUROPE : 21th (Tue) January 02:30 AM ~ 12:30 PM
– ASIA : 21th (Tue) January 9:30 AM ~ 7:30 PM

※ To secure your account, please close the game normally before server maintenance.
※ Please understand that the server maintenance time may vary depending on the updates distribution situation.
※ The updates can be exposed before server maintenance get started. Unless you download the updates, you cannot access the game before server maintenance is all finished.


※ For more details of Server Integration, please check the below.
☞ [Notice] Changes After Server Integration


Thank you.