[Notice] Changes After Server Integration



Hello, this is GM Lulu.

All of ELCHRONICLE servers will be integrated. We inform you about the changes after server integration.

Please check the details below.


1. Server Time
– It will be operated on a Korean time basis. (GMT+9)

2. Login
– You cannot select a server anymore.
– If you have created multiple accounts on multiple servers, they are changed to select your account to play after access.
※ You can select other account after log out from the settings menu in the game.
– If you disconnect after server integration, it will be changed to guest status. And you can link to a platform account that does not have a linked account.
– Guest accounts before server integration will be lost.
– When creating a new account, it is created in ‘Guest#NNNN’ format.

3. Account Information
– Accounts, heroes, equipment, goods, and progress on adventures are all maintained.
– Mail compensation remains the same.

4. The Inn
– The progress and progress count of the request will be initialized.
– Your ongoing cooking and alchemy will be cancelled.

5. Events
– Daily and weekly achievements are initialized after server integration.
※ The progress of the daily and weekly achievements will be maintained.
– The number of free charging stations will be initialized.
– The progress of the event will be maintained.

6. Summoning
– The number of free summonses will be initialized.
– Monthly Summon Store purchases will be initialized.
– The Mileage and available purchase count at the Champion Summon Store will be initialized.

7. Raid
– Find Raid, number of repellent will be initialized.
– Old World Boss history will be removed.
– The World Boss does not appear immediately after server integration, and the new World Boss season begins at 8 p.m.
– After the updates, World Boss ‘Grugal’ will end at 8 PM, and World Boss ‘Morax’ will appear at 8:10 PM.

8. Challenge
– The expedition in progress will be canceled.
– Mission, the number of challenge at Blitz will be initialized.

9. Competition
– The Squad of Colosseum will be maintained.
– The ranking and tier recordings of the Colosseum will be initialized.
– Unreceived ranking compensation from Colosseum will not be paid separately.

[Infinite Fortress]
– The Squad of Infinite Fortress will be maintained.
– Infinite Fortress will be initialized.
– Unreceived ranking compensation from Infinite Fortress will not be paid separately.

10. Guild
– Guild name, level will be maintained.
– If the guild name is the same, separate it with the ‘_server name’ after the guild name.
– Guild fortress, decorative purchase and layout information is maintained.
– Guild compensation > Weekly guild score will be initialized.

[Guild War]
– Guild war formation information and season will be maintained.
– The score and matching status will be initialized and the guild war will be held from the day after the server integration.

11. Tactics Battle
– The rank will be maintained before server integration.

12. Friends
– Your friend list will be maintained, and any joint rewards not received will be removed.

13. Costumes
After server Integration, some costume purchases become unavailable.
– Kael Christmas

– JaegalWoon Christmas
– Dean Christmas
– Claire Christmas
– Varia Christmas
– Grace Christmas
– Gwen Christmas
– Lulu’s Lucky Hanbok
– You better not cry
– Light of Daybreak Festival
– Babysitting Sniper
– Verdure of the dawn

Please refer to the details of server integration and hope that you will not have any inconvenience.

Thank you.