[Event] White-Wulf Boot Camp



Hello, this is GM Lulu.

‘White-Wulf Boot Camp’ event that you can get a T6 set armor selection ticket will begin.

Let’s check the details!



πŸ“’ Date
– 2020. 12. 28 ~ 2020. 1. 8



πŸ“’ Event
– If you clear various missions in event period, you can get special rewards.
– You can get event present from [Menu] > [Event] popup.



πŸ“’ Present

Mission Reward
Complete Mission T6 Set Armor Selection
Clear Mission 10 times. 200,000 Gold
Clear Mission 20 times. 200,000 Gold
Clear Mission 40 times. 300,000 Gold
Clear Mission 60 times. 500,000 Gold
Clear 5 Raids. 50 Mana Shard
Clear 10 Raids. 100 Mana Shard
Clear 20 Raids. 150 Mana Shard
Clear 30 Raids. 200 Mana Shard


❗ β€˜White-Wulf Boot Camp’ event lasts for 10days and after 10days, it will end.


Thank you.