[Event] Event Schedule on November



Hello. This is GM Lulu.

We will inform you of the events scheduled on November.
Please check the below for details.

※ The event schedule and contents may change depending on the internal situation.


◆ Event Schedule on November Notice II

Date Event
11-16(Mon) ~ 19(Thu) Login Present !
– Medium Awakening MAT
11-20(Fri) ~ 22(Sun) The Nemesis of th Zika Strait, Minigame OPEN!
– Super Digest-aid
– Raid Coin
11-23(Mon) ~ 26(Thu) Login Present !
– Summon Ticket
11-27(Fri) ~ 30(Sun) Fear within the Darkness, Event Appearance Open!
– Elium




[Event] Ella’s Mushron Dishes, Minigame OPEN!
◆ Date
– 2020. 11. 20 (Fri) ~ 2020. 11. 22 (Sun), 3days
– Win a match against the Blackbeard Pirates through the Menu > Minigames during the event!
– Throw the knife accurately and quickly into the empty space of the barrel within the time limit.




[Event] Desert Sand Storm, Event Appearance Open!
◆ Date
– 2020. 11. 27 (Fri) ~ 2020. 11. 30 (Sun), 3days
– Sandstorm in the desert, win desert blade appearance battle and get Elium.
– Challenge the Event Appearance and get Elium~!



Thank you.