[Event] Boot Camp Daily Mission Event!



Hello, this is GM Lulu.

ELCHRONICLE August Event that you can get special rewards!
Achieve daily missions and get rewards.

Let’s check the details below!


◆ Date
– After Ver 1.9.8 updates ~ 9. 13
※ You only can participate ‘Boot Camp Daily Mission’ event from August 24th ~ September 6th.


◆ Event
– Achieve daily tasks and get rewards
– You can get your event reward from the [Menu] > [Event] Pop-up.


◆ Event rewards
[Mission rewards]

Mission Reward
Battle in the Colosseum 3 times. 10 Pet Coin
Clear World Boss 1 times. 10,000 Raid Coin
Defeat Summon 3 times in Tactics Battle 50 Summon Fragment Selection Ticket
1,000 Summon Growth Stone


[Cumulative Completion Rewards]

Mission Reward
Mission Completed 3 times 1 Summon ticket
Mission Completed 5 times 5 Elium
Mission Completed 7 times 1 Summon ticket
Mission Completed 10 times 10 Elium
Mission Completed 13 times 2 Summon ticket
Mission Completed 16 times 20 Elium
Mission Completed 20 times 3 Summon ticket


Thank you.