[August] Developer’s Notes



Hello, this is ELCHRONICLE development team.

We inform you about the updates that scheduled on August.
※ The contents of the developer’s note may be added or changed depending on the development situation.



[The New Costume]

The second summer costume we are going to present is MaSeolin’s swimming suit!
Her summer costumes will blow the heat away!



[Guildwar Changes]

Now players cannot attack same fortress over and over in order to be more strategic and fierce.

We are also reviewing various directions to reduce the fatigue of participating Guild war.



[Tactics Battle T4 Summons Added]

The new Hero-shaped T4 summon will be added.
This new T4 summon will presented to Tactics battle field with cool skills.
Come and check our new T4 summon!



[The Direction of New Updates]

☞ New Worldboss

The development team is preparing 4th Worldboss to release in ELCHRONICLE world.
We are doing our best to present this notorious creature as soon as possible. 

※ Please understand that the updates content and schedule may change due to development and internal circumstances.


Thank you.