[Updates] Ver 1.9.6 Update Notes



Hello, this is ELCHRONICLE development team.

We inform you about the Ver 1.9.6 updates.

※ All screenshots are under development and those can be changed.
※ All updates can be added or changed depending on the development related issue or each market’s restrictions.
※ The updates will be carried out as soon as possible after review of each store. We will notify you of the details in a separate announcement.



◆ The New T8 Equipment

More powerful T8 equipment will bed added.

In this updates, ‘Exclusive Weapons’ and ‘Set Armor’ will be added, and it can be obtained by summoning and equipment crafting.

In addition, T8 equipment can be crafted using materials that +3 Transcendence T7 equipment.





◆ The 2nd Equipment Crafting Renovation

Following the last updates, the 2nd equipment crafting renovation is in progress.

☞ Equipment Crafting Renovation

Through the 2nd Equipment Crafting Renovation, you will be able to directly craft T6 and T8 equipment using equipment crafting materials such as +3 Transcendence equipment, Elium, and Lightning Shard.

– T6 equipment crafting : T5 Lv.50 +3 Transcendence equipment.
– T8 equipment crafting : T7 Lv.70 +3 Transcendence equipment.

In addition, if the potential of equipment used as a material is SS grade, the probability of producing high potential equipment increases.


☞ Rune Crafting Renovation

It is changed to be able to produce by directly selecting the desired type and optional Runes.

※ Talismans are excluded from the T6 equipment crafting.
※ T8 equipment can only produce exclussive weapons and set armor.
※ The T9 upgrade of T8 equipment has not been made yet.
※ You can buy the ‘Lightning Shard’ at the Raidshop.




◆ Worldboss Renovation

– World Boss difficulty will be merged into 5 levels.
– The number of times that can be cleared is changed 3 times a day.


– Depending on the difficulty level, you can obtain T4 ~ T8 equipment, T3 ~ T6 Ancient Runes, and T2 ~ T5 Talismans.
– Gold, experience potions, and Essence rewards will be changed according to the increased number of Clearance count.
– World Boss rewards that can be shared per day increase from 3 to 9.
※ After updates, it will be rotated from World Boss Morax to Agares.
※ T4 ~ T8 equipment is excluded from the shared reward.




◆ New Server Added

The new Korean server ‘Korea-2’ will be opened.
Take an adventure on a new server.
※ The new server will be opened after updates. 




◆ Balance Changes

– Charge rate of 1 energy is reduced from 5 minutes to 2 minutes 30 seconds.
– You can obtain ‘Elium’, the equipment crafting material, through Alchemy.
– The equipment crafting material ‘Lightning Shard’ has been added to the Raid shop.





◆ Tactics Battle Changes

☞ Balance Changes
– The balance of the summons with recovery and shield skills will be adjusted.


Skill Change
Hero Spirit Self | Threat 3 (Chance 100%)
Self | Barrier 2 Turn (Chance 100%)
→ Shields are reduced to 2/3 of the original.



Skill Change
Purification All Allies | Remove Weaken Effect (Remove All, Chance 100%)
All Allies | Barrier 2 Turn (Chance 100%)



Skill Change
Warcry Self | Endure 3 Turn (Chance 100%)
Self | Counter 3 Turn (Chance 100%)



Skill Change
Justice Self | Immobilize Immunity

When targeted by enemies
Self | Increase DEF 1 Turn (Chance 100%)
→ Resolved an error that had a lower armor increase


[Ribbel Mage]

Skill Change
Book of Healing All Allies | Recovery 2 Turn (Chance 100%)
All Allies | Increase DEF 2 Turn (Chance 100%)


[Cult Healer]

Skill Change
Resurrect Ally | 3After Turn Resurrect 30.0% (Chance 100%)
All Allies | Recover HP 10.0% (Chance 100%)


– Changed to reduce the frequency of cheat logs generated through re-entry.
– If the game is played automatically due to timeout, it is changed to operate in Full-Auto.




– The AI of the monster at the Terdam story 7 will be changed.


Thank you.