[Updates] Ver 1.9.4 Balance Updates Notes




Hello, This is the ELCHRONICLE Development Team.

The version 1.9.4 balance updates will be released.
For more information, please check the balance changes below.



◆ Defensive Tanker
: Richard, Jango, Reinhardt, Mubu

☞ Developer’s comment
: Richard has the highest ‘Reduce All Defense’ debuff effect among all heroes.

However, it is judged that it has sufficient competitiveness with stable performance using the status effect of ‘Blind’.
So we removed the debuff ability and matched balance with other defensive tankers.

Skill Change
Holy Protection | Ult Enemy | All DEF -27.6% (5 Sec) : Remove




☞ Developer’s comment
: Jango was a defensive tanker with an aggressive concept,
but this position had limited attacking abilities and lacked elements to make synergy with other party members.

But, there will be limitation for the number of the stacks so that a high number of debuffs are not abused.

In addition, the Fury trait and exclusive weapon have been modified to improve defense for stable operation.

Skill Change
Threatening Strike | Ult Enemy | All DEF -13.8% (5s) : Add
Self | HP Recovery 10.9% : Add

Upon attacking at max stacks
Enemy | All DEF -27.6% (5s) : Add

Self | HP recovery 21.8% : Add
Reduced maximum distance of movement
Fury trait Self | Physical ATK +10% (10s) → (8s)
Self | Attack Speed 10% : Remove
Self | HP recovery per Sec 2% (8s) : Remove
Self | Barrier 15% (8s) : Add
Cooldown time 24s → 9s
Unswayable Loyalty
| Exclusive Weapon
Self | All DEF +3% (10s, Max Stacks 5times) : Add
Cooldown time : 6s → 2s




☞ Developer’s comment
: We expected Reinhardt will be a character who could stir up a battle with a variety of crowd-control effects,
but he had a narrow range and inefficient actions.

In Ultimate kill ‘Victory Bell’, instead of eliminating damage and faint effects in the falling range of the bell,
we have increased the damage and added a faint effect to the stage of the bell destruction,
so that we can expect a wider range of crowd control.

We’ve also increased the reflection Damage of ‘Enter the Hero’ and added the effect of falling over ‘Iron Gate Strike’,
eliminating unnecessary rush steps, making each skill more intuitive.

Skill Change
Victory Bell | Ult Drop Bell
Enemy | Damage 218.5% : Remove
Enemy | Stun (2.5s) : Remove

Destroy Bell

Enemy | Damage 179% → 218%
Enemy | Stun (2.0s) : Add
Enemy | All ATK -27.6% (5s) → (8s)

Added the body-slams effect

Reduced bell destruction range
Removed bell destroy charge effect
Enter the Hero | Active Self | All DEF +13.8% (8s) : Remove
Self | All DMG Reflection +13.8% (8s) → +27.6% (8s)
Reduced maximum distance of movement
Iron Gate Strike| Active Step-1
Changed the enemy to fall


Self | Move foward : Remove




☞ Developer’s comment
: Mubu had the ability to support the party members by setting up objects or floating or pulling enemies with the crowd control effect.

However, he was the most underused defensive tanker because he lacked the ability to survive and had skills that prevented him from taking full advantage of the object.

We added the ability ‘Heal HP per second’ to heal his stamina while using Ultimate Skill ‘Oobu Bububu!!!’.

‘BAAM!’ has been changed to provide a more secure tie to the enemy with a existing pull effect by adding a ‘reduced movement speed’ debuff.

The cooldown time of the skill ‘Carrots? Carrots!’ is reduced and increases the object’s retention time
so that it can be installed several times and received multiple object effects at the same time.

Skill Change
Oobubububu!!! | Ult Self | HP recovery per Sec 6.9% (5s) : Add

Increased skill use speed

BAAM! | Active Enemy | Damage 218.5% → 268%
Enemy | Movement SPD -55.2% (8s) : Add
Carrots? Carrots! | Active Self or ally | HP recovery 13.9% : Remove
Self or ally | Movement SPD +41.4% (3s) → +27.6%(5s)
Self or ally | Barrier 10% (5s) : Add

Cooldown time : 12s → 6s
Carrot duration time : 10s → 20s
Increased carrot throwing speed
| Exclusive Weapon
Upon successful B.attack → If attacked




◆ Offensive Tanker

☞ Developer’s comment
: In the situation offensive tanker cannot be attacked like defensive tanker can,
it is improved viability and increased attack power so that offensive tanker can withstand more damage.

Skill Change
Awakening skill Limits of max damage at a time
(Max HP x 35%) → (Max HP x 30%)

Activating effects upon obtaining Fierce Excitement

(Duration Time 5s | Max Stacks 10times) → (Duration Time 8s | Max Stacks 10times)
All ATK 1% → 1.5%




☞ Developer’s comment
: The ultimate skill ‘Shadow Slash’ had a disadvantage that the more enemies it had,
the more difficult it was to increase the amount of damage by dividing the damage.

So we added ‘Silence’ abnormal status to apply to widely scattered enemies,
and it has been changed to be easily linked with other active skills.

By changing the buff maintenance and their levels,
we have improved the ability of active skills to strengthen themselves and to maintain the buffs in a stable manner.

Skill Change
Shadow Slash | Ult Self | Magic ATK +27.6% (5s) → (8s)
Enemy | Damage per Hit 35.8% (5times * 2count) → 33.08% (4times * 3count)
Enemy | Add Marking (10s) : Add

The enemy accumulated a certain number of the marking (3count)
Enemy | Silence (3s) : Add

Cooldown time : 21s → 18s

Increased shadow swords throwing speed
Increased skill use speed
Shielding Barrier | Active Step-1
Self | All DEF +27.6% : Remove
Self | Tenacity +15 (5s) : Add
Self | ATK Speed +27.6% (5s) → +41.4%

Increased skill use speed
Mana Control | Active Step-1
Enemy | Damage 89.5% → 218.5%
Enemy | Add Marking (10s) : Remove
Self | Critical +41.4% (Until the end of skill) → (5s)
Self | Critical ATK Amount +69% (Until the end of skill) → (5s)

Enemy | Damage 218.5% → 327.5%

Cooldown time : 10.5s → 9s
Step-1, Step-2 Increased skill use speed




☞ Developer’s comment
: Iri is a hero who can perform 100% only when the summon ‘Blood Wolf’ stays with him.

However, due to the summons being the first target, it was difficult to maintain the summoning of a ‘Blood Wolf’.

Now the cooldown time of ‘Summon Blood Wolf’ will be reduced so he can summon him again easily.
And you can control the target of blood wolf using the skill ‘Fierce Spear’. 

In addition, some passive and trait effects have been modified to make him more aggressive character.

Skill Change
Summon Blood Wolf | Active Self | Tenacity +7 (Minions in presence) : Add

Blood Wolf: Charge
Enemy | Damage 150% → 260%

Cooldown time : 24s → 18s
Increased skill use speed
Fierce Spear | Active Enemy | Add Marking (7s) → (9s)

Fixed ‘Blood Wolf’ to attack the marked enemy first
Blood Spell  | Passive Self | HP Recovery per Kill +6.9% : Remove
Self | HP + 6.9% : Add
Self | DEF Penetration +6.9% : Add
Wolf king’s fangs  | Passive Self | Defense : Crit DMG +13.8% : Remove
Self | Critical Resist +35% : Add
Fury Trait Accumulate Fury
Self | Upon attacking enemies (+15pt) → (+20pt)
Wolf’s Gesture
| Exclusive Weapon
Cooldown time : 6s → 1s




◆ Melee Dealer
: Varia

☞ Developer’s comment
: Although Varia had a strong survival skill and could self-strengthen herself as Melee dealer,
survival became difficult and only a lack of attack capability was highlighted.

So we reduced the cooldown time of ultimate skill ‘Unleash Wildness’ so it can have ultimate skill buff more often in the battle. 

We also increased the speed of ‘Ferocious Claws’ skill and added ‘Additional Skill Damage’ to cause more damage faster.

And her skill ‘Leap’ clarified its use as a survival skill by eliminating damage and increasing speed and distance.

Skill Change
Unleash Wildness | Ult Cooldown time : 18s → 12s
Increased skill use speed
Ferocious Claws | Active Step-1, Step-2
Increased skill use speed
Leap | Active Enemy | Damage 104.5% : Remove

Cooldown time : 9s → 6s
Increased skill use speed
Agile Predator | Passive Self | Extra Skill DMG +13.8% : Add




◆ Offensive Support
: Scarlett, Occasio, Aqua, HwangBopae 

☞ Developer’s comment
: Scarlette is a hero who can safely damage and debuff the surrounding enemies by transforming herself into a snowman and she also has a unique crowd control effect called ‘Freeze’.

However, with certain equipment settings, it was too easy to repeat the skill quickly and harm the enemy while away from the target.

So we increased the skill cooldown time and increased the duration of ‘Freeze’ skill.
Now it’s hard to use the skill over and over again, but if you succeed in freezing the enemy, you can hold it longer.

Skill Change
Rolling Snowball | Ult Cooldown time : 24s → 27s
Enemy | Freeze (1.5s) → (2s)
Red Light! Green Light! | Active Cooldown time : 12s → 15s





☞ Developer’s comment
: Okasio has a skill structure that changed to Melee/Distanced depending on the activation state of the ultimate skill ‘Void Personification’.
So although it was possible to play differently, it was difficult to use skills efficiently and difficult to control.

So, during the activation of the ultimate skill, the skill type has not changed, and the existing effect will be strengthened.
So players can control easily and use the skills more efficiently.

Also we added a buff effect that increases the fatality of herself and allies, allowing her to have unique features.

Skill Change
Void Personification | Ult Step-1
Surrounding Enemies | Damage 44.67% (Every Second) : Remove
Self | Void Personification active (15s) : Add
Self | Magic ATK +20% → Duration Time (10s) : Add
Self | HP recovery per Sec 0.7% : Remove
Self | Tenacity  +15 : Remove
Self | Perfect Dimensional Gate, Void Energy Function change → Add
Self and allies | Critical +27.6% (10s) : Add

Self | Cancel effect : Remove

Cooldown time : 24s → 18s
Perfect Dimensional Gate | Active Void Personification While inactive
Enemy | Damage per Hit 43.17% (3times) → 89.5% (2times)
Last Hit
Enemy | Damage 129.5% → 179%
Enemy | Fear(2s) → Enemy

Void Personification While active
Enemy | Damage 218.5% : Remove
Enemy | All DEF -13.8% (5s) : Add

Cooldown time : 6s → 9s
Void Energy | Active Void Personification While inactive
Enemy | Damage 129.5% → 179%
Enemy | All DEF -13.8% (5s) : Remove
Enemy | Add Marking (8s) : Remove
Self and allies | HP Recovery 21.8% : Remove
Enemy | All ATK -13.8% (5s) : Add

Void Personification While active
Enemy | Damage 179% : Remove
Enemy | All DEF -6.9% (3s) : Remove
Enemy | Binding (3s) : Add
Time Acceleration
| Exclusive Weapon
(Void Personification While active)
Upon successful B.attack → Upon using [Active] Void Personification

Perfect Dimensional Gate, Void Energy | Cooldown time 1s : Remove
Ally with the lowest HP 2 unit | HP Recovery 20% : Add

Cooldown time : 1s → None




☞ Developer’s comment
: Aqua is a hero who installs turret to damage and strengthen himself and turret.

However, to use the turret effectively, it required a high level of skill so it remains a character that is not used often.

The turret is now changed to act as a debuffer just by giving the surrounding ‘Decrease Critical Resist’ debuff.
And the ultimate skill ‘Overclocking’ has enabled us to expect greater firepower than ever before.

In addition, the ‘Land Mines’ damage has been increased to enhance Aqua himself’s attack power.

Skill Change
Overclocking | Ult Self | Physical ATK +27.6% (8s) → (10s)
Self | ATK Speed +13.8% (8s) → +27.6% (10s)

Upgrade automatic crossbow or change attack
Automatic crossbow | Physical ATK +13.8% (8s) → (10s)
Land Mines | Active Land mines explosion
Enemy | Damage 179% → 218.5%

Changed summoners not to be targeted by enemy
AQI-41A Automatic Crossbow
| Active
When Enemy is near the automatic crossbow
Surrounding Enemies | Critical Resist -15% (1.5s, Can’t be stacked) : Add

Changed summoners not to be targeted by enemy




☞ Developer’s comment
: HwangBopae had high expected damage, but it is often missed due to the slow speed of the projectile,
and only when the marking conditions are met it achieved 100% performance.

We increase the speed of the projectile and ‘Song of the Stars’ and ‘Requiem’ to reduce the chance of a skill being missed.

In addition, instead of eliminating additional damage to marked enemies,
we have increased the basic damage of ‘Requiem’ and changed the conditions of friendship trait so that they can easily cause higher damage.

Skill Change
Song of the Stars | Ult Marked enemy | Additional Damage 30.0% : Remove
Enemy | All DEF -13.8% (5s) : Add

Increased skill use speed
Increased meteor falling speed
Requiem | Active Collision
Marked enemy | Additional Damage 30% : Remove

Enemy | Damage 89.5% → 179%
Marked enemy | Additional Damage 30% : Remove

Increased sphere firing speed
Changed the way of control so that players can select where the explosion will occur
Gravitational Wave | Active Enemy | Add Marking (10s) : Remove
Friendship Trait Activation Condition
Self | If attacked → Upon attacking enemies



Thank you.