[Updates] Ver 1.9.4 Update Notes #4



Hello, this is ELCHRONICLE development team.

We inform you about the Ver 1.9.4 updates.

※ All screenshots are under development and those can be changed.
※ All updates can be added or changed depending on the development related issue or each market’s restrictions.
※ The updates will be carried out as soon as possible after review of each store. We will notify you of the details in a separate announcement.



◆ The New Sidestory

One Lasven’s gambling house, a Dark Knight approaches Dice.
Dice and Dark Knight start a story from a few years ago…

The new story of Dice, the Wizard of Probability!

※ You can check Dice’s sidestory from the Inn > Sidestory menu.





◆ The New Costume

MIsha’s first summer costume will be presented.

The royal swimsuit left in the Elunarheim family.
Meet Isha in a summer swimsuit on the blessed Earth.




◆ Tactics Battle Updates

[New Summons] 
New T4 tier summons will be added.

The new summoners have a new effect and appearance.
A total of five new summons will be added.


– Adjusted to reduce the amount of LP that decreases when defeating in the Bronze ~ Gold Tier.
– Bronze ~ Gold Tier will maintain the amount of LP when the season is initialized
– T1 Black Mushron’s ‘Full-Body Strike’ skill changes the probability of stun from 70% to 75%.
– If a player fail to weaken the opponent, the phrase ‘Resistance’ is displayed.
– If a player fail to strenghten the allies, the phrase ‘Fail’ is displayed.

※ The success of Strengthen/Weaken Effect are determined by the probability of skill and the maximum success rate limit.




◆ Heroes and Stat Balance Updates

Heroes and stat balance will be updated.
※ We will inform you of the details through a separate notice. 




◆ The First Equipment Craft Renovation

When a player craft T4 equipment, it will be changed to use Elium as an essential crafting material.
In addition, the number of Elium required for T4 equipment and the price of Elium will be adjusted.
※ From 2020 January 1st until the updates, We will pay Elium compensation through your mailbox for the difference between the Elium cost purchased at the Wanderingshop and the Elium purchase cost adjusted after the updates.
※ During the Second Equipment Craft Renovation, it will be updated so that Elium can be continuously obtained through contents in the game.





◆ Raids, Worldboss Renovation

– 19th level will be added.
– In the 19th level of the raid, the chances of acquiring T4 Ora Elstone and T3 star Elstone increase.

– 18th level of Worldboss will be added.
– In the 18th level of Worldboss, you can get higher level of Talisman.
– Worldboss Grugal will be rotated to Morax.
※ Worldboss rotation will be carried out 8 pm after the updates.
– Fatal resistance, fatal damage reduction of enemies in World Bosses 16, 17 will be slightly increased.





After updates, ‘Magic Rune Season Pass’ season will begin.

‘Magic Rune Seaon Pass’ is consist of paid compensation and free compensation.
Depending on the rank of each section, you can earn special rewards.

Challenge ‘Magic Rune Season Pass’ to win a variety of rewards!

※ We will inform you of the details through a separate notice.




– Fixed an issue that the speech bubble didn’t display when a player wears Maeho’s ‘Postwoman of the Autumn Skies’ costume.
– Fixed an issue that summons who are using protective skills strike back in fainted status.
– Fixed an issue that the effect icon remains even though the protective barrier is all gone due to damage from the Tactics battle.
– Fixed an issue that occurred when players try to sell some T7 equipment.


Thank you.