[June] Developer’s Notes



Hello, this is ELCHRONICLE development team.

Today we would like to inform you about the updates scheduled on June.
※ The contents of the developer’s note may be added or changed depending on the development situation.




[The New Sidestory]

One Lasven’s gambling house, a Dark Knight approaches Dice.
Dice and Dark Knight start a story from a few years ago…

The new story of Dice, the Wizard of Probability!



[The New Costumes]

The new costumes of ELCHRONICLE is lit!

The first line of summer costume is Isha’s bikini!
Meet Isha, who has changed into summer clothes, in the June updates.




[The Hero Balance Updates]

The hero balance updates that many of you have been waiting for will be updated in June.
In this hero balance updates, we are planning for a balance updates focusing on “unpopular” heroes.
We will notify you more details in a separate notice.




[Tactics Battle T4 Summons Added]

A more powerful T4 summons appear.
Each T4 Summon has its own unique way of fighting and can be obtained from the Tactics Battle Summon Shop.
Also, we are planning an event that you can get those T4 summons.



[Raids/Worldboss Changes]

Raid level 19 will be added. In this 19th level of Raid, the chances of T4 Aura Elstone and T3 Star Elstone will increase.

With the addition of raid difficulty level, World Boss level 18 will also be added.
In this new level you will be able to acquire higher levels of talismans probabilistically.

After June updates, Worldboss Grugal will be rotated to Morax. Defeat World Boss Morax in new difficulty level!



[The Future Updates Direction]

The development team knows that many White-Wulves are having trouble getting equipment.

The development team is preparing a change of the equipment manufacturing method to solve the difficulties of equipment acquisition as well as the pleasure of equipment production.

For more information, we will guide you through developer’s notes and updates.

※ Please understand that the updates content and schedule may change due to development and internal circumstances.


Thank you.