[Updates] Ver 1.9.3 Update Notes



Hello, this is ELCHRONICLE development team.

We inform you about the Ver 1.9.3 updates.

※ All screenshots are under development and those can be changed.
※ All updates can be added or changed depending on the development related issue or each market’s restrictions.
※ The updates will be carried out as soon as possible after review of each store. We will notify you of the details in a separate announcement.



◆ The New Hero

The master of butterflies who can control the time and the dimension wizard of the Heaven Watchers.
Meet DamKyoyoung, the new hero with a mysterious atmosphere!





◆ The New Costume

Maeho in the Terion Rider costume in charge of mail delivery.
Therion Rider was once Maeho’s future hope.

Meet Maeho, who turned into a delivery man in the autumn sky, in an updates in May.




◆ Tactics Battle Updates

[New Summons] 
A total of 10 new Summons will be added for 6 T3 summons and 4 T2 summons.
You can obtain new summons from Tactics Battle Summon shop. 


– The amount of LP acquired will be raised to make it easier to raise the tier in the lower tier.
– Every Sunday, when the tier is initialized, the falling range of scores will be lowered.
※ However, if you belong to the lowest tier of each tier, it will be reset to a lower score.


[Balace Changes for Some Summons ]
– Some summons’ basic stat and skills will be re-balanced.
※ We will inform you of the details through a separate notice.




◆ Infinite Fortress Changes

– Reduced the number of strikes required to defeat monster boxes and Golden Monsters.
– Adjusted standard combat power according to increased combat power limit.
– Increased maximum levels
– Increased the maximum level you can skip, depending on your combat power.
– Changed the defense score conversion criteria from hero growth to combat power.
– Changed the location and number of cannons appearing in battle.
※ Infinite Fortress progress status will be initialized after the updates server maintenance. 



◆ New Equipment at Monthly Summon Shop

– T6 treasure, Magic/Acient Runes will be added at Monthly Summon Shop.
※ T6 treasure, Magic/Acient Runes will be added from 0:00 p.m. June 1st.






– Fixed an issue that the leader Summon’s skill is deactivated at the end of the turn.
– Fixed an issue that the target effect did not affect the damage caused by the effect, such as a bomb or sustained damage.
– Fixed an issue that the rewards were not provided in Rune tutorial.
– Added Spanish, French, German, Russian languages.
– Added energy compensation for some adventure stages.


Thank you.