[May] Developer’s Notes



Hello, this is ELCHRONICLE development team.

Today we would like to inform you about the updates scheduled on May.
※ The contents of the developer’s note may be added or changed depending on the development situation.



[The New Hero]

The master of butterflies who can control the time.
Dam Gyoyoung is waiting for you guys at Ella’s inn.

The new hero of May. We cannot wait to present this new hero!



[The New Costumes]

A new Maeho’ costume with the postman concept is coming out.

Mae-ho is transformed into a terrion rider in charge of mail delivery.
Meet Maho’s new look in the May updates.




[Tactics Battle Updates]

The new summoners will released at Tactics Battle.

Deploy new Summoners with more powerful and diverse personalities to engage in more strategic battles!
In addition, the balance updates of some summoners will be carried out.

We will guide you through further notice.




[Infinite Fortress Changes]

It will be changed to make it easier to wipe out some monsters appearing in the infinite fortress.

In addition, we will adjust the standard combat power of each level to meet the increased upper limit of combat power.

Accordingly, we adjust the standard for converting defense scores to expand the stages that players can skip the levels match the combat power so that it can shorten the play time. 



Thank you.