[Event] Tactics Battle, A Cheering Gift!



Hello, this is GM Lulu.

‘Tactics Battle, A Cheering Gift!’ will get started.
A special event that you can get large quantities of Red gems and T6-Exclussive weapons! Let’s check the details!


◆ Date
– 2020. 5. 1(Fri) ~ 2020. 5. 15(Fri)


◆ Event
– If you clear various missions in this event period, you will get special gifts.
– You can get even gift from the [Menu] > [Event] pop-up.


◆ Event Gifts

※ The event will take place when connecting within the ‘Tactics Battle, A Cheering Gift!’ event period.
※ The ”Tactics Battle, A Cheering Gift!’ event will last for 10 days and after 10 days, the event will end.

Thank you.