Performing server maintenance for Version Upgrade.


Hello, this is GM Lulu.

Please be advised that we will be performing server maintenance.


◆ Date
– US EAST : 8th (Wed) April 11:30 PM ~ 9th (Thr) 03:30 AM  2:15 AM
– US WEST : 8th (Wed) April 8:30 PM ~ 9th (Thr) 00:30 AM 11:15AM
– EUROPE : 9th (Thr) April 5:30 AM ~ 9:30 AM 8:15AM
– ASIA : 9th (Thr) April 12:30 PM ~ 4:30 PM 3:15PM
※ To secure your account, please close the game normally before server maintenance.
※ Please understand that the server maintenance time may vary depending on the updates distribution situation.
※ The updates can be exposed before server maintenance get started. Unless you download the updates, you cannot access the game before server maintenance is all finished.


◆ Changes
– The 18th level of the raid battle will be newly added.
– ‘T4 Aura Elstone’ and ‘T3 Star Elestone’ will be added.
– You can use your emoticons in the middle of Tactics battle.

※ For more details of updates, please check the below.
☞ [Updates] Ver 1.9.1 Update notes


Thank you.