[April] Developer’s Notes



Hello, this is ELCHRONICLE development team.

Today we would like to inform you about the updates scheduled on April.
※ The contents of the developer’s note may be added or changed depending on the development situation.



[The New Story]

The new adventure area ‘Tyke Island’ will be added.
Check the exciting story of Gwen’s hometown of Tyke Island in April’s updates.



[The New Costumes]

The April updates will introduce Julia’s new Mafia concept dress, The phantom thief blue-rose.
Can’t wait to add this costumes!




[Tactics Battle Improvement]

TTactics Battle Improvemet will be carried out on April updates.

We will add and improve a variety of things, such as canceling matches and adding emotional expressions,
that have made you uncomfortable while playing games.

We will notifiy you more details on further updates notes.




[The New Elstone Added]

T4 Aura Elstone, T3 Star Elstone will be added.
You can get those new elstones by clearing raids battle. 



The spring of April has begun and the warm weather has come, but Corona virus and a lot of fine dust are expected.
Always wear your mask and take care of your health and your loved ones. 

Thank you.