Performing server maintenance for Error Fix



Hello, This is GM Lulu.

Please be advised that we will be performing server maintenance.


◆ Schedule
– US EAST : 23th (Mon) March 01:00 AM ~ 1:30 AM
– US WEST : 22th (Sun) March 10:00 PM ~ 10:30 PM
– EUROPE : 23th (Mon) March 07:00 AM ~ 7:30 AM
– ASIA : 23th (Mon) March 02:00 PM ~ 2:30 PM
※ For protecting your game data, please shut down the game before the server maintenance.


◆ Changes
– The basic amount of LP that decreases when losing the Tactics Battle is increased.
– In the Tactics Battle, it will be modified to not match the same opponent continuously for a certain period of time.


Thank you.