[Competition] Tactics Battle Effect




▶ Basic Effects

Among the effects, the effects in the list below are called basic effects.
When the default effect is applied, an icon and the remaining duration are displayed at the top of the HP bar.



▶ Basic Buff Effects

1. Strenghten Attack
The target’s attack power increases.

2. Strenghten Defense
The target’s defense increases.

3. Strenghten Critical Attack
Increase the chance of using a target’s critical attack.

4. Strenghten Attack Speed
The target’s attack speed increases.

5. Shield
Create a shielf to the target.
HP of the shield is proportional to the maximum HP of the performer or yourself.

6. Damage Reflect
Causes an attacker to take part of the damage when the target is attacked.

7. Recovery
The target recovers HP every turn.

8. Immunity
The target will not have all the default debuff effects. But debuff effects that already applied remain.



▶ Basic Debuff Effects

1. Reduce Attack
The target’s attack power decreases.

2. Reduce Defense
The target’s defense decreases.

3. Reduce Attack Speed
The target’s attack speed decreases.

4. Block Recovery
Prevents the HP of the target from recovering.

5. Stun
Stun the target. Stunned summon cannot make a move and the turn is just skipped.

6. Silence
Target will not be able to use skill. Only basic attack and passive skill can be used.

7. Taunt
It makes the target to attack only the taunted one with only the basic attack. If taunted enemy is fallen, the effect will deactivated.

8. Bomb
Damages the target when the duration of the bomb ends. The target damaged by bomb can be stunned with a certain probability.

9. DoT
The target will take damage in proportion to the maximum HP each turn.

10. Mark
The amount of damage that the target gets will increase.

11. Beneficial Effects Blocked
All basic buff effects to the target will not be effected. But buff effect that already applied will remain.


1. Instant health recovery
Recover HP of the target instantly. Recovery is proportional to the maximum HP of the target.

2. Attack Correlational Trait
Ignore the target’s trait and give him damage.

3. Action Gauge Reduce
Reduces the target’s current attack gauge by a certain percentage.