[Updates] Ver 1.8.7 Update Notes




Hello, this is ELCHRONICLE development team.

We inform you about the Ver 1.8.7 updates.

※ All screenshots are under development and those can be changed.
※ All updates can be added or changed depending on the development related issue or each market’s restrictions.
※ The updates will be carried out as soon as possible after review of each store. We will notify you of the details in a separate announcement.




◆ The New Costumes

AkCheongwang changed into the armor reminiscent of an ancient artifact that burned countless lives in the war of the gods.
Check his new costumes throught upcoming updates.




◆ New Worldboss, Grugal

New Worldboss Grugal is unleashed in the Balam Continent.

The new Worldboss Grugal appears with powerful lightning. Defeat this new Worldboss with other White-Wulves!

※ New Worldboss Grugal will replace the existing Worldboss Agares.
※ More specific schedule will be announced separately.





◆ The New Growth Equipment Added

[T6 Treasure]
You can obtain T6 treasure at the Summon Shop. Get T6 treasure that with new design and more powerful!



[T6 Acient Rune&Magic Rune]
T6 Acient rune and magic rune can be obtained at the Summon shop.
In addition, T6 Acient rune and Magic rune can be acquired with a certain probability from the world boss battle and raids in specific difficulty level.
※ We will notify you of more details through a separate notice.




◆ Raids Difficulty Levels Added
– New difficulty level 2 for Raids will be added.
– New difficulty level 1 for Worldboss will be added.




– Fixed an issue that the animation of pets were stopped when using emotion feature at the Square.
– Fixed an issue that the guild accessary appears buried at the guild camp of ‘Lunar Sanctuary’.
– Fixed an issue that background image was not be seen at the sidestory pop-up.
– Changed not to showing the event notice popup when players move from main screen.
– Added the effects on guild marks and high medals of high ranked guilds.
– Fixed an issue that the icon was not displayed as activated even if it normally works.
– Fixed an UI error when players get into Rune upgrade screen without any runes.
– Fixed an issue that doesn’t display the effects when mission difficulty is unlocked.
– Fixed an issue that moving to login screen when selecting ‘Merc Friends’ tab in Worldboss lobby.
– Added an effects on No.1 ranked guild’s Guild mark and High medal.

Thank you.