[February] Developer’s Notes




Hello, this is ELCHRONICLE development team.

Today we would like to inform you about the updates scheduled on February.


[The New Costumes]

In February’s updates, AkCheongwang in the armor of ancient monster will be released.
We can’t wait to present this fearsome costumes!




[The New Growth Items]

T6 treasure, T6 Aciendt rune, Magic rune will be added.

You can summon T6 treasure and acient/magic rune from the summon shop.
T6 acient/magic runes can also be obtained with a certain probability when you clear certain contents.

Get stronger treasures and runes from February’s updates!




[New Worldboss]

A new Worldboss Grugal will released to threaten the Balam Continent.

Beat Grugal who has strong thunder skills with other White-Wulves while clearing different gimmicks.

You better watch out! The 3rd Worldboss Grugal is coming to town!




[Future Updates Direction]

■ New PvP Contents

In January, through the developer’s notes, we have informed on the development of new content.

The new PvP content currently being developed with the utmost effort to be introduced on the March updates.

You can expect on this new PvP content!

※ Please understand that due to an internal circumstances, updates and schedules may be changed.



With the end of winter, the spring of the new year is coming, but little concerned about health because of the new virus.
You should bring your masks when you go out. Please everyon take care of your health!

Thank you.