[Event] The New Hero Launch! Edward’s Secret Mission Event



Hello. This is GM Lulu.

Anonymous knight, Edward’s secret mission event will be held.

Please check the below for more details.


◆ Date
– Ver 1.8.5 updates server maintenance ~ 2020. 2. 15
※ The event will take place when connecting within event period, and the event will last for 15 days.


◆ Event
– If you achieve Edward’s growth conditions, we offer special rewards.


◆ Gifts

※ The Edward T6 weapon selection ticket includes T6 Exclusive weapon and two types of Normal weapons, and only one out of the three types is available.
※ The potential of T6 Exclussive weapons / Normal weapons equipment is fixed in C-grade.
※ At the end of the event period, you cannot be able to earn a growth achieving reward.


Thank you.