[Updates] Ver 1.8.5 Update Notes




Hello, This is ELCHRONICLE development team.

Today, we’d like to inform you about Ver 1.8.5 updates.

※ All screenshots are under development and those can be changed.
※ All updates can be added or changed depending on the development related issue or each market’s restrictions.
※ The update will be carried out as soon as possible after review of each store. We will notify you of the details in a separate announcement.



◆ The New Story Area

Following Penvlet Domain, Magnus Gates will be added, a new area with a new story.

[Magnus Gateway]

☞ Magnus Gateway is a huge gateway to the eastern road of the kingdom.

☞ At present, there is a battle between the Kaldon Knights and the Grondbier family.




◆ The New Hero

An anonymous knight who carries his family’s sword and is proud of his natural talents for logistics and management skills.

Edward is waiting for you at the Ella’s Inn.




◆ The New Costumes

On January, Antra’s ancient monster costume will be present.

Antra’s ancient monster costum has been converted into Kali’s exclusive armor through the magic of fanatics.

Meet Antra in armor that sealed in Kriveshan




◆ World Boss Changes

The way to display the difficulty will be changed to 1 level ~ 16 level.
And the existing 1 level of Hell will be changed to 4 level, and the first level of the Inferno will be changed to 8 level.

In addition, Worldboss clearance reward can be shared with friends in a certain probability.




◆ The Raid Changes

– Adds a button that can be moved directly from the Raid menu to the Shared Reward Chest.
– When a friend is also compensated by clearing the Raid, the resulting screen displays a payment notice.
– When you find a paid Raid, the guide pop-up displayed will be removed.




◆ The Awakening Skills Balance Changes

The Balance of the Awakening Skills bellow will be changed.

– The Max stacks of the Defensive Support’s ‘Fierce Excitement’ : 5 times → 8 times
– The Max stacks of the Offensive Support’s ‘Fierce Excitement’ : 8 times → 10 times

Defensive Support Heroes : Aaren, Yeonhwa, LeeJiyeon, Dice, YeryungSuhwa
Offensive Support Heroes : JegalMageon, HwangboPae, Claire, Maeho, Ocasio, Scarlett, Aqua





– Fixed an issue that moving to login screen after Appearance battle from event pop-up.
– Fixed an issue that the purchase completion pop-up was displayed at Monthly Summon shop when the bag is full.
– Fixed an issue the alarm mark was displayed on Pet menu when Elstone bag is full.
– Fixed an issue that unnecessary system info was displayed when leveling up the team.
– The list criteria for recommended friends change from team level to raid level.
– The list of recommended friends will be updated after the update server maintenance.
– The preferred equipment setup pop-up is improved to allow quick and easy selection of preferred equipment.
– 100 million or more of the World Boss Rankings are displayed without any glitch.
– Fixed an issue that has not been counted in the production of runes at the Rune Refinary.


Thank you.