[January] Developer’s Notes




Hello. This is ELCHRONICLE development team.

Today we would like to inform you about the updates scheduled on January.



[The New Story]

The new adventure area ‘Magnus Gateway’ will be added.
Come check the new characters and new story happening at the Magnus Gateway, a huge gateway to East Road.




[The New Hero]

Edward, the supply officer of the Ribel Knight, an anonymous knight, is revealed on the January updates.

We can’t wait to present this new character. Edward, the new hero of the 2020 ELCHRONICLE is coming!




[The New Costume]

The January updates will feature a new costume for Antra, the immortal witch who changed into an Ancient Monster armor.

You can count on it!




[World Boss Changes]

The way to display the difficulty will be changed to 1 level ~ 16 level.
And the existing 1 level of Hell will be changed to 4 level, and the first level of the Inferno will be changed to 8 level.

In addition, Worldboss clearance reward can be shared with friends in a certain probability.




[Future Updates Direction]

■ The New Worldboss

The development team is developing a new Worldboss following Morax and Agares.
The new Worldboss, which will threaten the Balam Continent, is being developed to be presented in the February updates.


■ The New PvP Content

We are developing PvP content that fights in a different way than the existing PvP content, the Colosseum or the Infinite Fortress.
Please look forward to our new PvP, which can form different strategies.

※ Please understand that due to an internal circumstances, updates and schedules may be changed.



2020, The new year has began.

We hope you have happy new year and always be healthy.
And we truly thank you for all of you who constantly supporting us.


Thank you.