[Notice] iOS Updates Distribution Delay Compensation Notice




Hello, this is GM Lulu

On December 18th (wed), the iOS App Store has been updated and server mainenance has completed.

For White-Wulves who were suffered from the delay of iOS updates distribution, we will compensate you as below.
But this is only for iOS users who doesn’t have access record after Ver 1.8.4 updates.


◆ Compensation
– 3,000,000 gold
– 500 Energy
– 500 Crystals
– 150,000 Raid Coin
– 5,000 Honor Point
– 250 Superior EXP Potions
– Low grade weapon, Armor, Accessary, 100 Rune upgrade stones

In addition, we will provide a crystal reward only to the White-Wulves who purchased the Crystal package through the iOS App Store on the 30th Dec. but could not get the crystals because the connection error(between updates maintenance to server maintenance).

The compensation period for 40 Christmas socks(12.18(wed) weekday access compensation) will be extended. So even if you could not access the game on 12.18(wed), you can get the access reward until 19th(thu).

Thank you for your patience and we will do our best to provide you with better service.

Thank you.