[Summons] The Monthly Summons




▶ What is the Monthly Summons?

Monthly Summons is a special summon shop with two ways of summoning
: Honor coin summoing and Raid coin summoning.




▶ Equipment Changes

Equipment changes can be made free of the specified number of times..

Once the free number of changes has been exhausted, you can watch the AD or spend Raid coin or Honor coin to change.

※ The number of available equipment changes is reset every night at midnight.

※ After changing the equipment, randomly selected summoning equipment will be kept for 24 hours only.




▶ Equipment Purchases

You can use Honor coin, Raid coin, Crystals at Monthly Summon shop.
In addition, when you change the equipment, the purchase price of the crystal will be reduced with a certain probability.

※ The number of available equipment purchases is reset at 0:00 on the first day of each month.