[Updates] Ver 1.8.4 Balance Changes Notice




Hello, this is ELCHRONICLE development team.

The balance updates will be carried out for Ver 1.8.4 updates.
For more details, check the below.


◆ Awakening Skills
[Melee & Hybrid Dealer]


[Ranged Dealer]


[Offensive Tanker]


[Defensive Tanker]


[Defensive Support]


[Offensive Support]



◆ The Min/Max Stats

[The Min/Max stats limits]
The minimum/maximum limits of some stats are added.

For example, if an attacker’s ‘Extra Skill Damage’ is way higher than the defender’s ‘Defense: Skill DMG’, the additional damage is limited.

Conversely, if the defender’s ‘Defense: Skill DMG’ is too high, the damage protection will be limited.
※ The minimum and maximum limits only apply if the calculated value exceeds the limit, referring to both the offset effect of the attacker and the defender on each other.

[Applied Stats]
– ADDL DMG to E.enemy
– Defense: E. enemy DMG
– ADDL DMG to N.enemy
– Defense: N. enemy DMG
– Extra PvP DMG
– Defense: PvP 
– Extra Skill DMG
– Defense: Skill DMG
– Bonus Ult DMG
– Defense: Ult DMG
– Critical ATK Amount
– Defense: Crit DMG



◆ The Element Traits Effect

[Effect Changes]
Element compatibility is removed from the PVE content but it is added to the PVP content.
The numerical balance of damage caused and received when compatibility is dominant changes as follows:

– Increase to 30% of the damage given to inferior compatibility by superior compatibility.
– Decrease to 30% of the damage caused by inferior compatibility to superior compatibility.


Thank you.