[Updates] Ver 1.8.4 Update Notes



Hello, This is ELCHRONICLE development team.

We will guide you the Ver 1.8.4 updates.

※ All screenshots are under development and those can be changed.
※ All updates can be added or changed depending on the development related issue or each market’s restrictions.
※ The update will be carried out as soon as possible after review of each store. We will notify you of the details in a separate announcement.




◆ The New Story Area

Following Majan Harbor, a new area Penvlet Domain, will be added.

[Penvlet Domain]

☞ After the Ribbel Castle ball, Princess Charlotte returned to her family.
☞ In Penvelet Domain, residents of the eastern part of the kingdom are united to fight the Grand Lord Caldon.




◆ The New Costumes

Lily and Irene’s Ribbel Magic School costumes will be presented.

Irene changed into costume that she wore when she secretly went on a field trip to ribbel magic school.
And Lilly changed to the Ribbel Magic School uniform to protect Scarlett.




◆ Monthly Summon Shop

Monthly summon shop will be newly open.

At the Monthly summon shop, there are two ways to summon. One is with honor coin and the other is with Raid coin.

The summoning equipment is selected at random, and you can purchase the summoned equipment or change the summoning equipment at random again after checking the options of the equipment.

[Summoning Equipment Change]

Summoning equipment changes can be made free of charge a specified number of times per day.
After the free change has been exhausted, you can watch the AD or use Raid coin and Honor coin to change.

※ The number of summoning equipment change is reset every night at midnight.
※ After changing equipment, randomly selected summon equipment will only last for 24 hours.


[Summoning Equipment Purchase]

You can purchase equipment with Honor Coins, Raid Coins, and Crystals at Monthly Summon Shop.
In addition, when you change equipment, the purchase price of the crystal will be reduced with a constant probability.

※ The number of available equipment purchase will be reset at 0:00 on the first day of every month.




◆ The Raid Changes

The raid will be changed to non-combat-style subjugation content, the raid participation feature will be removed.

In addition, when your friends wipe out the raids, you also receive raid compensation with a certain probability.
Shared rewards will be based on the lower difficulty of the raid on which I and my friend can be found.

※ Shared rewards can be received from ‘Community > Friends > Shared Reward Chest.’
※ Raid coin, guild score, and hunter level experience are excluded from the shared reward.




◆ The Worldboss Changes


– Worldboss Morax will be replaced to Agares.
– Worldboss difficulty level 1 will be added.
– The element traits will be removed from Worldboss.

– Star Mercenary feature will be removed from Worldboss.
– It will be changed to hire a mercenary of my hero and friend.




◆ The Guildwar Changes

In the Guildwar, it is changed to have new heroes at the each zone.
※ You cannot use the same hero for each guild battle zone.



◆ The Square Changes

The ability to express emotions in the square will be added, and the Square menu will be rearranged as content is reorganized and improved.




◆ Friend Feature Changes

The friend feature will be changed to have up to 5 friends.

Friends can present energy to each other, and the other gets 6 energy.

※ Energy gifts can be made up to 5 times a day.
※ As a result of the friend feature changes, the friends list will be initialized after the updates.




◆ Balance Changes

[Element Traits]

Element traits will be applied in the Colosseum, Infinite Fortress, Guild Wars, and Gladiator battle. And it is removed from Adventure, Missions, Blitz, and Appearance.

More details will be informed in a separate notice.

[Traits Naming Changes]
The name of element traits will be changed more intuitively.
: The Gaping Abyss → Dark
: The Silvery Light → Light
: The Red Flame → Fire
: The Iron Ore → Earth
: The Fierce Wind → Wind
: The May Dew → Water

[Awakning Skills]
The optional Awakening Skills are removed and the balance of the fixed skills is changed.
More details will be informed in a separate notice.

[Min/Max Stats Limits]
Min/Max limits will be added to some stats. More details will be informed in a separate notice.

[Heroes Connect Condition Changes]
The condition of Gwen, Isha, Aaren’s connection will be changed to ‘Clear Eluka Desert story 4’.



– The Mileage Shop is moved from ‘Store’ to ‘Summon’.
– Treasure items from existing Mileage Shop will be removed.
– Fixed an issue that the weapon of Isha is not immediately returuned when using the ultimate skill ‘Death Dance’ 2nd phase.
– Fixed an issue that an attack is not immediately triggered when using the active skill ‘Mark of Assassination’.
– Fixed an issue that the event menu is not displayed when only the Appearance is in progress.
– Fixed an issue that the remaining event period did not renew.
– The HP of monsters at the ‘Majan Harbor’ adventure area reduced.
– The action of obtaining event reward or purchasing items at a store will be simplified.
– The lobby of the village screen is newly decorated for Christmas and New Year.

Thank you.