[December] Developer’s Notes




Hello. This is ELCHRONICLE development team.

Today we would like to inform you about the updates scheduled on December.



[The New Story]

The new adventure area ‘Penvlet Domain’ will be added on December updates.
Check out the new story in the new adventure areas.



[The New Costumes]

Lilly and Irene, dressed in the uniform of the Ribbel School of Magic.
Check out the December updates for a different look of the heroes!



[Monthly Summon Shop]

Monthly Summon Shop will be added through the updates.
‘Monthly Summon Shop’ is a special store where you can use raid coin or an honor coin to summon the equipment that already given options.
Come check our new Monthly Summon Shop!



[Worldboss/Raid Changes]

The Star Mercenary will be removed, and my heroes and my friend’s heroes will be changed to hire as World boss mercenaries.

In addition, the World Boss Morax is rotated to Agares and the new difficulty level of the World Boss will be added.

The raid will be changed to non-combat-style subjugation content.

For more information, we’ll guide you through our update notes.



[Friend Feature Changes]

Community > Friend feature will be changed.

It will be changed so that friends can present energy to each other, and if you wipe out the raids,
your friends can also receive additional compensation with a certain probability.



[Element Traits/Awakening skill Changes]

Element traits are changed to apply only to the Colosseum, Infinite Fortress, and Guildwar.

The effect between element compatibility is enhanced, resulting in more damage or less damage than before.

In addition, optional skills will be removed from awakening skills, and the balance of fixed skills will be renovated.

Details of the event will be provided in a separate notice.




[Christmas Event]

After December updates, various Christmas events are coming to you.
You can obtain Christmas event items through the event and exchange the acquired items with various items in the event store.
Details of the event will be provided in a separate notice.



Thanks to the love and support of you White-Wulves. we are celebrating the 2nd anniversary of ELCHRONICLE!
Once again, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have been with the ELCHRONICLE.
We hope all of you have achieved the goals you have wanted this year.

Thank you.