[Updates] Ver 1.8.3 Update Notes




Hello, This is ELCHRONICLE development team.

We will guide you the Ver 1.8.3 updates.

※ All screenshots are under development and those can be changed.
※ All updates can be added or changed depending on the development related issue or each market’s restrictions.
※ The update will be carried out as soon as possible after review of each store. We will notify you of the details in a separate announcement.




◆ The New Area

Following the Khanbaliq, the new area Majan port will be added with new story.

[Majan port]

☞ In the west of the island Majan, there is Majan Port that the capital of majan union.
☞ It is the center of trade between East and West Balam.




◆ The New Hero

The oldest kingdom in Balam, the Emperor’s blood of High Heaven.
Why did DanKyoungbo join the mercenary squad and hide his identity?

The pride of High Heaven, Meet DanKyeongbo!





◆ The New Costumes

The new costumes for MaSeolin and Isha are launched.

MaSeolin disguised as a maid to steal classified documents from the Kingdom of Ribbel.
Isha changed into the maid costumes that chifu brought. Meet them at the costume shop!





◆ The T6 Accessory

T6 accessory will be added.

A total of six T6 items will be added and can be obtained by summoning.
Upgrade your heroes more powerful with new accessory.
※ For more information on T6 accessories, we will provide you with a separate notice later.




◆ The Connect System Changes

The ‘Meal together’ from the ‘Inn > Connect’ menu will be changed to ‘Watch Video’.
In addition, the acquisition of attraction points in connect increases, allowing you to obtain the heroes faster than before.




◆ The Guildwar Changes

– The guilds you have to compete with every day are reduced from four to one. The guild you are competing with and the guild you belong to is matched against each other as an enemy.
– Guild Battle Zone reduced from 5 to 3.
– The Fortress Clear score calculation method has been changed to receive a score based on the number of heroes you kill.
: If there are fewer enemy heroes, you will get more points, so if you break through the area, you will receive the same score regardless of the number of enemy heroes placed.
– The HP of the fortress by rank is slightly reduced, the score that can be obtained in one battle is greatly reduced.
: The score has been adjusted because when all fortresses are quickly conquered, there may be guildsmen who have no fortress to attack even though they have a number of challenges.
– Guild battle rewards and the amount of gold rewards you receive when you conquer the opponent fort is increased.
– If there is a fortress that can be rewarded by conquering, a notification mark is displayed.




◆ The Raid Changes

– For the convenience of playing games, a Raid hunt function is added.
– At the Raid Station, ‘Remove Raid’ feature will be added.
– The ‘Remove Raid’ will remove only the raids that have timed out or completed.



◆ Summon Shop Changes

The way of summoning will be changed.

Previously, if a hero was chosen, the equipment that could be equiped was summoned.
But now players can choose their favored equipment directly.

Up to 5 ‘Preferred Equipment Settings’ can be selected. For normal weapons and accessories,
players can even specify the hero to which the wear option will be applied.

※ T4 and T6 equipment can be set as ‘Preferred Equipment Settings’ and the set equipment has an increased probability of summoning.
※ The probability of summoning each equipment set in ‘Preferred Equipment Settings’ is the same.

※ If there is an empty slot with no equipment set in the ‘Preferred Equipment Settings’,
the probability for that slot is included in the chance to summon the random equipment.



◆ Balance Changes

– Taya Valley, Draconics Mountains, Castle Ribbel, Elunarheim, Khanbaliq area’s SS-grade condition ‘Clear in 1 minute 30 seconds’ changed to ‘Clear in 2 minutes’.
– The skill cooldown time of ‘Pirate Deckhand, Pirate Combatant, Pirate Enforcer, Pirate Mate’ will be increased.
– Basic attack delay of ‘Umbra-Ray’ will be increased.
– The difficulty level of Khanbaliq will slightly increased.



– The shop and the summon shop will be seperated.
– The equipment item that is randomly generated once a day are added to the raid shop.
– The honor point will be displayed on the raid station top menu bar.
– When auto equipping, tier will be the first criteria.
– Runes, Elstones, and Pets are equipped with the proper equipment for hero’s physics, magic attack and position.
– The elstone book and pet book will be added.
– The book menu will be added on quick menu.
– ‘Pet coin’ rewards will be added on Free Charge Center.
– If you run out of pet coins when you summon pets again, the pet coin charging screen will be displayed.
– The BGM on the login screen will be changed to play it repeatly in the order of season 1, 2 and 3.
– Fixed an issue that honor points restored when charging ‘Find Raids’ and ‘Participation count’ in Raid Station and Square.

Thank you.