[November] Developer’s Notes





Hello, This is ELCHRONICLE development team.

Today, we’d like to inform you about the updates scheduled for November.


[The New Story]

The November update adds a new adventure area, the ‘Majan Harbor’.
Check the new interesting story in a new adventure area.




[The New Hero]

The oldest kingdom in Ballam, the Emperor’s blood of High Heaven.
DanKyeongbo is coming on this November updates!

The pride of High Heaven, Meet DanKyeongbo at Ella’s Inn.




[The New Costumes]

Do you remember Lee Ji-yeon and Julia in the Ryan family’s maid costumes last September?

The November update will present MaSeolin and Aisha in the Ryan family’s maid costumes.
Can’t wait to see their new look!




[T6 Accessory]

The new equipment, T6 accessory will be added.
T6 accessory has an option effect and you can obtain it by summons.
Get the more powerful accessories!




[Guild War Changes]

The November updates will change the number of Guild Wars battles that many White-Wulves have given feedback to us.

The guilds you have to compete with every day are reduced from four to one.
The guild you are competing with and the guild you belong to is matched against each other as an enemy.
So you can battle more strategically.



It’s november already. And a cold wind began to blow.

It is easy to catch a cold due to the sudden cold weather.
Take care of your health!


Thank you.