[Growth] Pet




▶ What is Pet?

Pets that will accompany you on your journey are added.

The pets will accompany you on your journey and increace your hero’s stats.
You can equip them from [Menu] > [Hero] > [Pet].




▶ Pet Upgrade

You can make your pet stronger with another pets as materials.
You can upgrade them from the [Hero] > [Growth] > [Pet] > [Forge] menu.



▶ Pet Fuse

You can fuse two pets and obtain a pet with higher tier.
For fusing the pet, you need 2 maximum upgraded pets in same tier.

You can fuse your pet from [Forge] > [Pet Training Grounds]



▶ Main Pet Setup

You can set the Main Pet at the [Team info] menu.
And you can see them following you along at the square.