[Event] A Trade with the Witch, Antra




Hello. This is GM Lulu.

With the new hero, the immortal witch Antra, the Antra Growth Event will be held during the event.
Check the below for more details.


◆ Date
– After Ver 1.7.6 updates ~ 2019. 10. 15


◆ Event
– If you achieve certain level of the growth of Antra, you will be rewarded with a special reward.


◆ Gifts

※ The Antra T6 weapon selection ticket includes T6 Exclusive weapon and two types of Normal weapon,
and only one out of the three types is available.

※ The potential of T6 Exclussive weapons / Normal weapons equipment is fixed in C-grade.
※ At the end of the event period, you cannot be able to earn a growth achieving reward.


Thank you.