[Updates] Ver 1.7.6 Update Notes





Hello, This is ELCHRONICLE development team.

Ver 1.7.6 Today we would like to inform you about the Ver 1.7.6 updates.

※ All screenshots are under development and those can be changed.

※ All updates can be added or changed depending on the development related issue or each market’s restrictions.
※ The update will be carried out as soon as possible after review of each store. We will notify you of the details in a separate announcement.


[19.09.30 added]
※ We have added missing content to the update notes.
    We apologize for the inconvenience.

– Worldboss level 2 ~ 7 difficulty increases.

※ The difficulty is adjusted according to the increased growth factors such as Elstone and T6 equipment.




◆ The New Areas

The new areas with interesting stories will be added. Check out the new story at the new areas.

1. Ribbel Castle

Every year, the Rose Garden ball is held in the capital of the Kingdom of Ribbel.
Highlander also attended the Rose Garden ball this year.

2. Elunarheim

Vainholis is an intelligence organization that knows everything about Balam.
But they have never heard of Elunaheim before.





◆ The New Story

A girl who was looking for her mother with a sad cry.

Antra, the immortal witch, is coming to you.




◆ The New Costumes

The new costumes for heroes are released.

Meet LeeJiyeon who changed to the maid costume that chifu forces to made her to buy.
And meet Julia who is wearing MaSeolin’s maid costume.





◆ Elstone

The new growth item, Elstone will be added.

Elstone is divided into Ora Elstone and Star Elstone, each with a special features.

[Elstone Types]

– Ora Elstone
: Ora Elstone increase the stat of the hero. The hero has total 7 slots for Ora Elstone.

– Star Elstone

: Star Elstone allow Ora Elstone’s additional option unlocked.
: Only certain hero can equip Star Elstone and hero has only one slot.




◆ The T5 Talisman Added

The stronger T5 talisman will be added.

The T5 talismans can be obtained randomly in level 8 Inferno mode of World Boss.

※ T5 talismans have fixed capability values when acquired and cannot be upgraded.



◆ Combine System

The equipment Combine system will be added.

Only the talisman, Ora Elstone, Star Elstone are allowed to Combine.

You can use three equipment from the same tier as a material to obtain one equipment from the same tier.

When Combining T1 to T3, the players obtain the same tier equipment with level 1.
When Combining T4 to T5 equipment, the players obtain the same tier equipment between the minimum and maximum levels of the equipment used as material.






◆ The Colosseum Intrusion Added

Intrusion battle is added to allow the players to engage in more strategic battles with some opponents.

You battle the Colosseum intrusion battle with some opponents in the Colosseum opponents list.
when a hero dies in battle, a intrusion hero joins the battle.

※ However, if a hero dies more than one person at a time, heroes come in sequential order over a period of time.
※ The list of combat opponents increases from 4 to 6.




◆ The Raid Renovation

[The Raid Changes]
– The Elstone rewards will be added to the Raid
※ Elstone rewards differ in their probability from the tiers they can acquire depending on their difficulty.
– Added two more levels of difficulty.
– In some difficulty levels, random number of boss monsters are increased.

[The Worldboss Changes]
– The 8th difficulty level of Inferno will be added
※ In 8th difficulty level of Inferno, you can randomly obtain T5 talisman.




◆ The Guildwar Changes

– The score acquired on the day is displayed.
– The Combat button displays the number of battles available count.
– The Fortress defeat rewards will be added. This reward will be different based on the rating of the fortress and the previous day’s ranking of the enemy’s guild.
– A check box will be added to automatically proceed with battle progress and hero replacement in full auto combat.
– If there are more than four guild members who have been set up the fortress settings, they can proceed the battle automatically.
※ The number of players that guild leard set should be 0.
※ There must be at least four guild members set up the fortress.


◆ The Guild Camp Decoration Added

The new guild camp decoration will be added.
New guild camp decorations can be purchased if the guild ranking conditions for former season are met.




◆ Honor Summon Shop Added

The Honor Summon Shop will sell a variety of equipment, run-in subpoenas, which have been sold at existing honorary stores.
※ The Hornor shop will be remained, and the items in the summon box will be moved to the Honor Summon Shop.



◆ Team Name Changing Added

Now players can change their team name.

You can change the team name by touching the Change Name button on the Team Information screen.
※ When you create an account after the update, team name will automatically be created as a guest + random character.
You can change your team name once for free in your team information.




◆ Free Charge Center Menu Added

Free Charge Center is added to ‘Menu > Event’ menu. And crystals and summon tickets will be added for AD watching rewards.



◆ Intro Tutorial Changes

The login direction will be changed shortly, and when the players create the account it will be moved to open-world immediately.

In addition, the existing intro tutorials will be removed. This tutorial will be added to the Hero’s Book Story menu.





– Fixed a bug that Guild Leaders could not auto delegated.
– Fixed a bug that the effects ratio of some costumes was displayed incorrectly on AOS devices.
– The current breakthrough level is displayed in the mission screen view.
– You can preview items even if you don’t have permission in the guild store.
– The ‘pet’ name in the team information will be changed to ‘Mimi.
– The theme music on the login screen changes to play randomly.

Thank you.