[Notice] Developer’s Notes (September)




This is ELCHRONICLE development team.

Today we would like to inform you about the updates scheduled on September.


[The New Story]

September’s update adds new adventure areas ‘Castle Ribbel’ and ‘Elunarheim’
to the Taya Valley and and the Draconics Mountains.

Check out the new story in the new areas.




[The New Heroes]

A girl who was looking for her mother with a sad cry.
The immortal witch is waiting for you at Ella’s inn.
Meet Antra in September updates.




[The New Costumes]

Julia and Lee Jiyeon, who changed into the Ryan family’s maid outfit.
Meet the New costumes in September Updates!




[The Talisman combine]
The talisman combine system is added.
Using talismans from the same tier as a material, you can obtain a new talisman.
Get a new talisman with synthesis system.




[The New Growth Items Added]

The new Growth item, ‘Elstone’ is added.
Meet Elstone, a new growth item that will make the hero more powerful.



[The Colosseum Intrusion]

You should win against the certain opponent in the Colosseum wtih Intrusion battle.
Enjoy the Colosseum’s unique fun with the new addition of the Intrusion battle.



[Guild War Changes]

For your convenience, automatic hero replacement, automatic entry setup feature are added.
In addition, the fortress-fall reward will be added according to the fortress’ rank and opponent’s guild rank.



We would like to express our gratitude to the fans who always send us lots of support.
We will try to listen to your comments.


Thank you.