[Event] Celebrating Season 3 Updates, Team Levelup Achieving Event!




Hello. This is GM Lulu.

For celebrating ELCHRONICLE Season 3 Updates, Lulu brought special events.
Level up your team and get lots of gifts!

Let’s see what does Lulu bring here for us!


◆ Date

 – After the Ver 1.7.3 Updates ~ Unknown
※ The duration of the team-levelup event is 50 days and will disappear after 50 days.


◆ Events

 – By achieving the team level during the event period, you will receive a variety of gifts prepared by Lulu..
 – Event gifts can be obtained from the [Menu] > [Event] pop-up after achieving the team level.


◆ Compensation

※ T4 exclusive weapon and set armor selection tickets will be awarded C-grade .
※ You can choose one T4 set armor selection ticket among among Rampaging Reaper, Salvation Dragon Knight Armor, Furious Hydra
※ T6 exclusive weapon selection tickets will be awared C-grade.


Thank you.