[Updates] Ver 1.7.3 Update Notes


Hello, this is ELCHRONICLE development team.

Here is sneak peek of Ver 1.7.3 updates.

※ All screenshots are under development and those can be changed.
※ All updates can be added or changed depending on the development related issue or each market’s restrictions.
※ The update will be carried out as soon as possible after review of each store. We will notify you of the details in a separate announcement.




◆ New Story Areas

A new story area will be added with interesting stories. Check out the new stories in the new areas.

1. Taya Valley

The Taya Valley is the place where the giant that lifted the ballam fell asleep.
Dean and his party reach the Taya Valley with help from Wolyung…

2. Draconics Mountains

The Draconics Mountains is located to the north side of the Taya Valley.
In the snow-covered snowfield, what kind of adventure will the Dean and his party will have?



◆ The New Costumes

The new costumes of heroes are released.

Marcon, who changed into the Ribbel Knight Patrol costume.
And Irene wearing a Bunnygirl costume as a penalty.

Meet heroes in cute and different costumes.




◆ The Guild War

The Guild War, a new competitive content that many of you have been waiting for, will be added.

In the Guild War, heroes can be deployed to defend the fortress against threats from other guildsmen.
Build a strong unit and strategy to attack the rival Guild Fortress to rank higher!




◆ The Guild Camp Changes

There will be new camps and different decorations to decorate the guild camp beautifully.

New guild camps and some decorations can be purchased if you achieve a high ranking at the Guild War,
and purchased camps and decorations can be used until the next season.

Decorate your own guild with new guild camp and decorations.




◆ The Blitz / Domain Defense Changes

It will be reorganized from six existing Blitzs to two new Blitzs.
The difficulty of a new blitz consists of 1 to 16 steps, and the difficulty level can be selected to challenge.
Also, each dungeon will be given three chances to challenge.

Try the new Blitz dungeon.

[Domain Defense Closed]
The Domain Defense will take a break after Ver 1.7.3 updates and will be renovated.




◆ Raids Changes

New updates will be introduced, and the Raids content will be renovated.
Now you can use ‘Find Raid’ button to find Raids battle. And you will be able to obtain a greater range of rewards.

Go ahead with the Raid battle, that renovated with my heroes and other White-Wulves.
※ You can’t hire mercenaries in the new Raids. You only can form a squad with your heroes.
※ If the player who created the raid quits the room or cannot be revived further, the raid will be terminated.
In this case, the number of participation counts will not be deducted.

Since the Raid is renovated, Raid related content also changed like below.

– Guild weekly challenges are changed so that they can be achieved through guild scores paid by the World Boss instead of the dungeon scores.
– Guild achievement > Guildsmen achievement will be removed.
– The conditions for achieving Raid clear achievement of Hero challenge achievement is changed. And achievements that have completed their status will remain in the completed state, and progress in progress will be reset.
– The Raid clear rewards are removed from Achievement > Battle achievement. Achievements that pay emoticons as rewards are also changed.
– The “Special Raid Clear” condition limit for Heroes 2 and 3 Awakening is removed.
– “Special Raid Clear” purchase conditions on some of the guild shop’s accessary is removed.




◆ Worldboss Changes

[Worldboss Rotation]
Now the players can get talismans from every difficulties. And Agares changed to Morax.
※ Morax will return on 8 pm Sunday after updates.
※ T1, T2 tiers will be added on Physical, magic attack talisman.
※ T1, T2, T4 tiers will be added on defense talisman.
※ You can obtain all kinds of talismans from the Worldboss.




◆ New Equipment Added

[T6 Normal Weapon]
T6 Normal weapon will be added following Exclussive Weapon.

T6 Normal weapons are available for each position and can be obtained by summoning from the Summon shop and the Champion Shop.

Get more powerful T6 normal weapons and grow your heroes.

※ For more information on T6 normal weapons, we will notify you later through a separate notice.




◆ Event Screen Change

Various events can be viewed on a single screen.




◆ Adventures Changes

– The recommended battle power in some adventure areas(Terdam, Barun Island, Lasven, Kaman Castle is adjusted.)
– The available battle count will be eliminated from some adventure chapters and repeated battle will be available.
– Clear reward will be changed as the available battle count is removed on some of the adventure chapters.
– The condition of the repeated battle changed to ‘clear’ from ‘SS stage clear’.





– The bug that didn’t award colosseum medal is fixed.
– The bug that didn’t notify when the player achieve the weekly challenge from the Guild camp is fixed.
– The bug that incorrectly matched the Master League base attack power on the Colosseum rules is fixed.
– The bug that intermittently the following main quests are not displayed after completing the main quest is fixed.
– When the player lose the sidestory battle, help pop-up for growth are changed not to display.
– After clear the chapter battle on the map, the position of the map will be remain to the combat zone.
– When you upgrade your hero, it changed to upgrade the hero as long as you have gold or hero pieces.
– In the number of the Adventure, Blitz, Mission Clear achievements, it is changed to count of the number of clearance on the expedition.
– When you play with other players in the Raid and Worldboss, ‘Auto-Full’ mode will be available.
– New OST theme and previous OST themes will be played sequentially on the installation&login screen.
– After exiting the guild, the time limit for joining other guilds will be changed from 1 hour to 8 hours.


Thank you.