Developer’s Note (August)



Hello. This is ELCHRONICLE development team.

Today we would like to inform you guys about the updates scheduled for August.

※ All screenshots are under development and those can be changed.
※ All updates can be added or changed depending on the development related issue or each market’s restrictions. 


[New Story]

New adventure area and fascinating new story will be added.

A new story will take place in the ‘Taya Valley’ and ‘Draconics Mountains’.


[New Costumes]

Meet the Marcon, who changed into the Ribbel Knight Patrol costume.
And Irene wearing a Bunnygirl costume as a penalty. 

The new costumes in August updates are waiting for you.


[Guild War]

The new content ‘Guild War’ will be added to compete with other guildsmen.

Prepare for battle with guildsmen, and win a thrilling victory!


[New Equipment Added]

More powerful T6 normal weapon equipment is added.

There will be additional T6 normal weapons available for each position,
which can be obtained by summoning from the Champion shop and Summon shop.

Get new equipment and grow your hero more powerful.


[Raid Changes]

The Dungeon Raid, which featured a variety of concept and formidable boss monsters,
takes a break for the changes, and a variety of changes are made to the Normal Raid.

In the new Normal Raid, you can obtain basic rewards by difficulty,
and you can obtain additional rewards stochistically.

In addition, the raid tickets system is removed and the available number of raid clearing times is fixed.
Please look forward to the new Raid with various changes.
※ With the removal of the Dungeon Raid, the guild weekly achievement is also removed.
And the compensation that could have been obtained from the guild weekly challenge is changed so that it can be obtained from the World Boss.


[Blitz/Domain Defense Changes]

It will be reorganized from six kinds of Blitz to two kinds of Blitz
The difficulty of the Blitz is added 1 to 16, and the difficulty level can be chosen directly to challenge.

In addition, the Domain Defense, that many of you have given a lot of support and love,
will be closed for awhile to provide new fun and take a break in the season 3 updates.

※ Compensation that could have been obtained in the Domain Defense will be changed so that it can be obtained in the Blitz.



Changes are made to get a greater variety of rewards in all levels of difficulty.
Also, World Boss Agares will be replaced by Morax, and the monsters appearing on World boss will be re-balanced.
※ Morax will be opened on Sunday at 8 p.m. after the updates.


Thank you for waiting for us for a long time.
We will do our best to show you a variety of fun stories and new contents.

Thank you.