[Updates] Ver 1.7.2 Update Notes


This is the ELCHRONICLE Development Team.


Here’s an update for Ver 1.7.2 scheduled for June.

※ All screenshots are under development and are not finalized and can be changed.
※ All updates can be added or changed depending on the situation and review restrictions.
※ Updates will be made as soon as possible after reviewed from each store and we will give you a separate notice for further details.



◆ New Costumes

The new summer costumes for heroes are presented.

Meet JegalWoon in Baywatch costume and Scarlett on field trip to Ribbel Elemantary Magic School.



◆ Colosseum Changes

Following the changes of the Colosseum in Ver 1.7.1 updates, combat AI setup and other changes will be carried out.

See below for more details.

[Combat AI Setup Changes]
– The current ‘Assassinate’ setting is divided into ‘Assassinate (Melee)’ and ‘Assassinate (Ranged)’.
And the ‘Assassinate (Support)’ will be added to the Combat AI setting.
– ‘Intercept’ will activated by recognizing both ‘dealer’ and ‘Assassinate (Support)’ as assassination.
– If the target of the assassination hides, search for a new target and attack. But the first target’s hiding is de-activated, it attacks the first target again.

* Target Setting Rules
– Assassinate (Melee)
: Attacks a Melee Dealer, Off. Tanker with highest damage first.
If there are multiple targets, attacks the closest one first.

– Assassinate (Ranged)
: Targets a Ranged Dealer, Hybrid Dealer or Off. Supporter with highest damage.
If there are multiple targets, attacks the closest one.

– Assassinate (Support)
: Attacks the enemy with the most heal skills.
If there are multiple targets, prioritizes Def. Supporter, Off.
Supporter, attack power, proximity. 


– If there is no list to run ‘Start All Battles’, the message ‘All Battles have been completed.’ will be displayed.
– When ‘Start All Battles’ is touched, the stop condition is displayed.



◆ Total Combat Power Display

The total combat power of the five strongest heroes is displayed in the Village, Adventure, Square and Guild camp.



– The new feature that can upgrade to the maximum stats of current grade is added.
– In automatic combat (‘Auto-Full’), the camera movement changes from the frontmost hero to the leader.
– Now gold and energy products are also available from the Charging station.
– When you lose in the Adventure, Mission, Blitz, Domain defense, you get help on growth and squade formation.
– The bug that doesn’t move to the Equipment book by touching details at Hero’s recommended equipment screen is fixed.
– The bug that exposing effects of element traits outside of scroll display at the Hero book is fixed.
– The bug that hero details doesn’t change to the details of selected hero is fixed.
– The bug that doesn’t show the information of equipment options at hero rank is fixed.
– The bug that cooking menu is closed by touching the ‘where to find’ button from cooking screen is fixed.
– The bug that did not reflect the number of un-locked camps at Guild camp management screen is fixed.
– During the Worldboss single-play mode, if the guild score is initialized and won, intermittently players achieved the guild score. This bug is fixed.
– The bug that Irene’s theme song doesn’t loop is fixed.
– The available number of purchases of Time-Limited Packages sold until August 15 is reset.

Thank you.