[Updates] Ver 1.7.1 Update Notes


This is the ELCHRONICLE Development Team.

Here’s an update for Ver 1.7.1 scheduled for June.

※ All screenshots are under development and are not finalized and can be changed.
※ All updates can be added or changed depending on the situation and review restrictions.
※ Updates will be made as soon as possible after reviewed from each store and we will give you a separate notice for further details.



◆ New Hero

Irene, who refused his father’s order and remained in the Ribbel Knights.
Don’t you want to know why?

Irene, a new hero with pure pride, is waiting for you the White-Wulves.


◆ New Sidestory

Scarlett’s surprise party on Barune Island, where there is no owner, after the Zika Strait’s owner, Altarf, collapsed!
The story of Scarlett leading Vain Holies goes over the waves.
Lady Frost, please look forward to Scarlett’s sidestory.

※ You can check her sidestory requests from the menu Inn > Sidestory.


◆ New Costumes

New summer costumes of heroes are released.
Meet Occasio, Lee Ji-yeon and Wolyung in a swimsuit costume that is as strong as the hot sunbeam.


◆ Colosseum Changes

[Battle AI Setting Changes]

There are some changes on battle AI settings.
The AI settings are now free, and the AI settings will change as shown below.

* Target Setting Rules
– Free-role
: Attack enemy with close distance first. And if you’ve ever attacked by enemy, that enemy becomes first target.
This role examines and targets new enemies once a second.

– Intercept
: Attack the enemy who is setting up an assassination first. Do not change the target until the enemy dies or hides.

– Assassinate

: Attack the enemy has the highest attack power and once the first assassinate target disappears, attack the closest enemy.
Do not change the target until the enemy dies or hides.

[Squad Tactic Changes]
The combat matching screen will allow you to change the placement and target settings of the hero.
Check your enemy’s placement and correct your tactics to attack the enemy’s weaknesses.

[Element Trait Removed]
The element traits of the heroes are removed at the colosseum.

[Rank Compensation and Method Changes]

– League Changes
The rank of the colossum and the method of compensation are changed.

Bronz, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond Tiers will be merged into the Beginner League,
and the Master Tiers will be fighting in the Experienced League.
As usual, the Beginner league will receive Honor points according to the ranking.

However, the minimum compensation amount for each tier will be adjusted,
and if your rank compensation is less than the minimum compensation amount,
you will be awarded the honor points according to the minimum compensation amount.

[Auto Battle Added]
When you use the ‘Start All Battles’ button at Colosseum lobby, it takes turns to battle the opponents on the list.
When the battle is over, a pop-up will be displayed to inform you about the results of the battle.

Check out the automatic battle function that make your battle easier.


◆ Summon Tickets

The Summoner store will summon using a Summon Tickets.
In case the players don’t have enough summoning tickets, crystal will be used instead.


◆ A Button Added in the Map

A ‘battle’ button will be added on the adventure map.
Instead of moving to the adventure chapter, you can touch the ‘battle’ button to proceed.


◆ Menu Changes

[Quick Menu Changes]
The existing quick menu is divided into two menus, and the Adventure, Village, Square,
and Move Guild buttons are changed to ‘Move’.

The guild-only buttons in the Guild are re-located in the ‘Guild Menu’.

[Square Menu Changes]
The menu in the square is simplified.

[Meal Menu Moved]
The Inn’s ‘meal’ content is re-located to the Hero > Growth menu.


◆ Material Bag Expansion Changes

Increase material retention by 20,000 to 100,000 units per expansion.
The retention by expansion stage is shown below.
– Standard : 200,000
– 1 level expansion : 300,000
– 2 level expansion : 400,000
– 3 level expansion : 500,000
– 4 level expansion : 600,000
– 5 level expansion : 700,000
– 6 level expansion : 800,000
– 7 level expansion : 900,000
– 8 level expansion : 1,000,000
– 9 level expansion : 1,100,000
– 10 level expantion (Max) : 1,200,000
※ The White-wulves that were previously expanded to the maximum, automatically expand to 1.2 million after the updates.


◆ The Traits and Rune-cost Levelup Cost Adjusted

– The traits and rune-cost levelup cost reduced.
※ The resources used for the traits ans rune-cost will be paid by mail after the updates.


◆ Hero Balance Changes

– Canceling Hiding effect will be added to Gwen’s ‘Pouring Arrow Rain’ skill.
– Canceling Hiding effect will be added to JegalMageon’s ‘Exploitation Pentacle’ skill.



– The sidestory menu will be re-located from the Inn > Sidestory.
– In Material Find, change to display Upgrade Stone/Motion together.
– When displaying the acquisition position of the upgrade stone, it is changed to show all acquisition positions of the Low to High upgrade stone.
– When displaying the acquisition position of the EXP motion, it is changed to show both the acquisition positions of the Low to High EXP motion.
– Transcend, option modifying, potential modifying at the Forge will allow you to check potential info.
– When you enter the square, raid, worldboss, and guild camp, you will automatically see the medal you have.
– The bug on which the previously selected hero’s skill information is displayed in Hero Book > Information is modified.
– Occasionally in real-time combat, the bug that did not kill the monster is modified.
– Displays the number of raid coins held at the equipment forge and the run refinary.
– The Red Cross emblem on Grace’s nurse’s costume is changed to a heart pattern.
※ The ELCHRONICLE respects the seven principles of the International Red Cross Movement,
and thus changes the Red Cross emblem of Grace’s costume to a heart pattern.

Thank you.