Developer’s Note (July)


Hello. This is ELCHRONICLE development team.
Today we would like to inform you guys about the updates scheduled for July and beyond.


[New Hero]

Daughter of Caldon, Southern Ribbel Kingdom’s Grand lord

Irene visits Ella’s Inn.

The hero of the Balam Continent with pure pride,
Please look forward to her!


[New Sidestory]

Scarlett’s surprise party on Barune Island, where there is no owner, after the Zika Strait’s owner, Altarf,
The story of Scarlett leading Vain Holies goes over the waves.

Lady Frost, please look forward to Scarlett’s sidestory.


[New Costumes]

Hot summer is coming! So we prepared a swimsuit outfit.
In the July updates, the costumes of Lee Ji-yeon, Wolyung and Occasio will be presented.

Take a summer vacation with the heroes who changed into summer costumes!


[Colosseum Changes]

New Colosseum will be presented on July.
Complete your own hero squads with various strategies to win the throne of the Colosseum!


[New Story & New Content]

In August, new stories and new content that we’ve prepared for a long time will be updated.
Look forward to ELCHRONICLE’s high-quality story and new adventures.

There will be also a lot of changes on Guild and Raid battles.
The new guild content will be added. In this content players can compete with other guilds in cooperation with guildsmen.
And more difficulty level and reward will be given at Raid battles.


Despite the hot summer, the development team is fully engaged in the development of the final to deliver new content quickly.

In the future, we will provide more information about the new content through the announcement.

Thank you to all the players who love the ELCHRONICLE. We will always do our best.

Thank you.