[Updates] Ver 1.7.0 Update Notes


This is the ELCHRONICLE Development Team.

Here’s an update for Ver 1.7.0 scheduled for June.

※ All screenshots are under development and are not finalized and can be changed.
※ All updates can be added or changed depending on the situation and review restrictions.
※ Updates will be made as soon as possible after reviewed from each store and we will give you a separate notice for further details.



◆ Auto Battle Improved

Battles not completed will also be changed to use ‘Full-Auto’ function.


◆ Option Change Durability Changed

Even if the equipment option’s durability is exhausted,
it will be changed to restore the durability of the equipment.

Change the options of the equipments that have been exhausted so you couldn’t change.


◆ Adventure Battle Guidance Added

Some stages which a strong opponent must be defeated or endured unconditionally in order to proceed the story forward will display a guide in the battle.


◆ Balance Changes

[Connect Menu Unlocked]

The unlock condition is removed to make the Connect menu available from the beginning at the Inn.

[Connect Condition Changed]
Some heroes’ connect conditions are adjusted to make them easier to recruit.

* Scarlet, YeryungSuhwa, Iri

– Can be connected at the start of a game

* Aisha, Aaren

– Clear 2nd Area’s sub-quest ‘Tyke Island’s best archer’ story

* Richard, Lily

– Clear 3rd Area Chungwa’s 10th story

* Yeonhwa, Reinhardt

– Clear 4th Area Punglim Valley’s 12th story

* Varia

– Clear 6th Area Haunted Forest’s 2nd story

* Julia, Mubu

– Clear 6th Area Haunted Forest’s 11th story

* Aqua, Jade

– Clear 7th Area Nev desert’s 11th story

* BaekLicheon

– Clear 8th Area Crimson Temple’s 4th story



– When you have an Upgrade Stone, the Upgrade Stone menu tab is changed to expose first.
– Hero > Training, in the Workshop screen, the heroes are sorted in the order of their combat power.
– Equipment Forge/Refine Runes’ first menu is changed to equipment, rune craft.
– Certain hero admission restrictions are removed from the adventure and the difficulty of some of the adventures that has restriction from entering will be adjusted.
– The bug that occurs when a single BGM is repeated, the volume is reduced at the beginning of the loop is fixed.
– The menu name is added to the quick menu.
– The bug that did not appear in the chat is fixed.
– The guild creation limit is lowered from 20 levels to 12 levels.

Thank you.