Developer’s Note (JUNE)


Hello. This is ELCHRONICLE development team.

Today I would like to inform you about the updates scheduled on June.


[New Costumes]

On a pitch-dark night, Aisha became a kunoichi that separates the moonlight,
Aqua, who failed to develop human-race potion, turned into a cat and even changed gender.

Let’s go to the Costume Shop!


[New Sidestory]

Zika Strait, where the sea dances to the tune of the sea breeze.

On the day Julia arrived at the Zika Strait,
a dance party of revenge, freedom and gunpowder was held in Terdam.

Julia, the pirate king of the Zika Strait is coming!


[Honor Insignia]

A dedicated Honor Insignia emoticon will be awarded according to the rank recorded
in the Colosseum, Infinite Fortress, Worldboss and the Hero rank.

You’d better hustle for Honor Insignia that only be awarded to honored White-Wulf.


[Sidestory System Changes]

There are few changes on the Sidestory system that you can check heroes’ behind stories.

You can check the Sidestories and experience battles at any time with a default hero.
And you’ll be able to play over and over again the Sidestory you liked.

※ The Sidestory that has already been cleared will be changed so that you can receive new rewards again.


[Nickname Restriction Changes]

When creating an account, it is changed to use special characters for nicknames.
Even there is same nickname, now you can create an account with the same nickname.

However, if there are indentical nicknames,
a separate unique number is created for user classification and displayed with the nickname.



In order to reduce the upgrade costs of equipment crafting in the workshop,
the cost of Foresight Cube and Crest of modification is reduced.

From May 1st to the Updates scheduled on June,
if you purchased Foresight Cube and Crest of modification from the Wandering Shop and Package Shop,
we will provide you with additional items according to the changed price.

※ Asia server will open on 4th of June and discounted price will be applied for Asia server.


[New Events on Appearance]

After updates on June, different event appearace and rewards will be presented.
Please look forward to it!


We’ll do our best for the further updates.

Thank you.