[Update] Ver 1.6.4 Update Notes


This is the ELCHRONICLE Development Team.

Here’s an update for Ver 1.6.4 scheduled for May.

※ All screenshots are under development and are not finalized and can be changed.
※ All updates can be added or changed depending on the situation and review restrictions.
※ Updates will be made as soon as possible after reviewed from each store and we will give you a separate notice for further details.

※ 27/05/2019 14:24 modified.


◆ The New Hero, Mubu

It is said that only those who have a pure mind can be friends of Mubu.
A little rascal, Mubu, wandering through the dimensional gates.

Mubu will appear at Ella’s Inn.
Be a friend of the Mubu!


◆ Markon’s Sidestory

Makhon is tasked with leading the guerrillas to wipe out the monsters of the Odelle Forest. But
the called guerrilla army men had a very different temperament from Markon.
Will Markon be able to complete her mission safely?
※ You can check Marcon’s request at the Inn > Request > Sidestory menu.


◆ The New Costumes

Heroes’ new costumes are released.
Grace changed into a private armor made to act as a dark knight.
One of El Shazarun’s miracles, BaekLicheon’s armor that controlling the water.
Meet new heroes in a new costume.



◆ New Equipment and Improvements

[T6 Equipment Added]
T6 set armor and exclusive weapon are added.
Meet even more powerful T6 set armor and exclusive weapons.
※ You can tier up T6 Equipment to T7.
※ The detailed stats of the T6 equipment will be shown in a separate notice.


[T4 Talisman Added]
T4 Talisman is added. Go get the stronger talisman from the Worldboss battle.

1) Acquisition
– From Inferno 2 level difficulty of Worldboss or higher, you can get T4 Physical Attack, Magic Attack type talisman.
– The higher the difficulty, the higher level of talisman you can obtain.
– The acquisition rate of the talisman for all levels of difficulty is the same.
– In the future updates, the Defensive T4 Talisman will be presented.
※ T4 talisman has only a fixed stats at the time of acquisition and cannot be upgraded or tier-up.


[Improvements on Equipment Option Acquisition]
☞ A comment from the development team
We are sure you felt tired when you fail to acquire the desired equipment because of the variety of options.
So we’ve improved the equipment/rune’s option acquisition structure to create a more advantageous option for the hero who wants to equip it.

1) The hero equip effects of normal weapons and accessories will be generated to fit the hero’s position.
– The weapons and accessories with attack or defense options are only given the appropriate hero who suits to the roles.
– Please refer to the table below for more information.


2) The stat option types are improved to suit the hero’s position.
– Depending on the combat role, the hero equip effects are classified as attack/defense type.
– Please refer to the table below for more information.

3) The ancient runes are created for the hero’s combat type.
– Mermaid Ancient Runes set only the defensive support type heroes.
– Rock Ancient Runes set only the Tanker type heroes.
※ The hero Iri will be changed to use the eagle ancient rune.
And the tiger ancient rune will be changed to the eagle ancient rune with the same options.


[Equipment Naming Change]
☞ A comment from the development team
With the addition of new tier equipment, the original name of older equipment
with a longer name has been retained but more compactly modified.
– T4 exclusive weapon has been summarised in a short, unique name, which makes it easy to refer.
– The name of the talisman has been modified shorter to make it easier to distinguish.
– The set of Abyssal Assassins has been changed to the set of “Abyssal Mahoraga,”
   because it has been confused with the class name of the ‘assassin’.


◆ Improvements on Upgrading Costs

[Hero Upgrade Cost Reduced]
The cost will be reduced for 5-star grade / 6-star grade hero upgrades.
– Hero pieces (5-star grade hero 1 time upgrade): 14 > 10
– Gold (5-star grade hero 1 time upgrade): 24,000 > 16,000
– Hero pieces (6-star grade hero 1 time upgrade): 22 > 12
– Hero pieces (6-star grade hero 1 time upgrade): 40,000 > 20,000

[Upgrading Cost for Equipment/Rune Reduced]
The cost for T3, T4, T5 Equipment/Rune upgrade reduced.
– 25% reduction in gold required for T3 equipment/rune upgrade.
– 50% reduction in gold required for T4 equipment/rune upgrade.
– 50% reduction in gold required for T5 equipment/rune upgrade.


◆ Additions and Improvements on the Workshop

[Equipment Transcendence]
The equipment transcendence has added.
Transcendence is able to free up each of its own transcendental stats by up to 3 levels using the identical equipment as the material.
If you fail to transcend, you earn the mileage. And if the mileage is full you can transcend without any material use or cost.
And there is no possibility of failure.


[T4 Crafting Added]
1) T4 Set Armor Crafting Added
– Furious Hydra Armor, Rampaging Reaper Armor, Holy Light Armor, Abyssal Mahoraga set armor crafting added.
※ Additional materials are used for crafting T4 set armor.

2) T4 Ancient Rune Crafting Added
– All kinds of ancient runes can be crafted at the Rune Workshop and the hero equip effects can be selected during the production.
※ Additional materials are used for crafting Ancient Runes.


[Improvements on Potential Modification]
The probability of success of potential modification increases overall.
Increases the number of durability recoveries from 10 to 30.
The treasures, ancient runes and talismans can also be modified to potential level 60.
For treasures, ancient runes, and talisman, from the options with a potential of 60 or higher,
For other equipment and runes, from the options with potential of 75 or higher,
you can modify the potential up to maximum SS 100.0 with a identical equipment as material.
※ Modification up to the maximum potential of SS 100.0 is only possible for equipment at least 3 levels of transcend.


[Improvements on Option Modification]
The option modification for the ancient runes are possible.
And mileage system has added so if you retain older options, you earn option modification mileage.
When the mileage reaches to 100, you can modify the equipment without any cost.
※ No durability is used when the free option modification is excuted.



◆ Elite Mercenary and Ranking
[Elite Mercenary]
You can hire top-ranked heroes as ‘Elite Mercenaries’ at the Dungeon Raid and Worldboss battle.
Challenge yourself to a more powerful raid battle with elite mercenaries.
※ You cannot hire Elite Mercenary at the normal raid battle.


[Mercenary Ranking]
Mercenary ranking and support ranking added at Merc Lobby.
Check the ranking board and meet the elite mercenaries.

☞ A comment from the development team
The “Mercenary Activity” of the existing AI hero employment and the “Support Activity”
that the players directly participates are separately counted.
As a result, the current support activities that were counted together will remain “records” in the team information.
In addition, we will provide a ranking compensation as a thank you gift for your existing support activities.



◆ Team Info History Added

A record of my account has been added to the team information,
which allows you to view more records, including the number of Support Act.



◆ Improvements on the Worldboss and Raid

[Worldboss replacement]
The Worldboss season 4 Agares begins.
Agarese will be unleashedat 8 pm on Sunday after the update.

[Worldboss Changes]
1) The following changes will apply from World Boss Season 4 Agares.
– Reduces the effectiveness of buff boxes that can be received by combat rationing.
– At all levels, a phase that can not attack the boss during combat is added.
– The recommended attack power of the Hell and Inferno changes.
– The inferno level 1 to 7 difficulty increases, and the monsters appearing in difficulty level 4 or higher increases.
※ The non-attackable phase started when the HP of the boss is below a certain level,
    and is released if all additional summoned monsters are killed.

2) Top Ranker will be added to the Worldboss lobby.
– The UI of the Worldboss lobby is improved more concisely, and the top 4 rankers are displayed in the lobby.


[Single Play Mode Added]
In the Raid and Worldboss, you can chosse single play mode and Multiplayer Mode.
In Single Play Mode, you can switch to a single battle environment so you can play the game smoothly.
※ In the single play mode, you can not invite other users, only mercenary hiring is possible.


[Improvements on Normal Raid]
– In regular raid rewards, cooking, alchemy, and crafting materials are removed and raid coins are added.
– The hunter experience you get in the raid battle increases from 3 to 6 per ticket.
※ You can purchase cooking and materials using the Raid Coins at the Raid Shop.

[Improvements on Dungeon Raid]
– At certain phase, boss can not be attacked in Dungeon Raid Naga, Desert blades battle
– The hunter experience you get in the raid battle increases from 3 to 6 per ticket.
– Changed to be able to hire mercenaries in the Black Beard Raid battle.
※ The non-attackable phase started when the HP of the boss is below a certain level,
    and is released if all additional summoned monsters are killed.



◆ Improvements on Colosseum and Infinite Fortress

[Colosseum Changes]
1) Ranking Rule Added
– If the LP points are the same, the users with a higher number of victories will have a higher ranking.
– If the number of LP points and victory counts are identical, the player with the higher attack will have a higher rank.

2) Champion Medal Reward Added
– The champion medal will be awarded to the Colosseum Top Rank user as an additional reward.
– The champion medal can be used in the newly added champion shop.

3) ETC
– Colosseum opponent list is changed from 6 to 4 players.
– The number of free daily opponents changes will change from 15 to 23.
– The number of paid daily opponents changes will change from 5 to 7. And crystal usage reduced to 20.
– In the Colosseum lobby, the top ranking heroes are displayed.


[The Infinite Fortress Changes]
1) Buff Effect Improvements
– The buff effect acquired from the box is changed to remain until the end of the battle.
– The higher the level, the more powerful the buff effect box will drop.
– When the same buff effect is applied, it is replaced with the newly acquired buff effect.

2) HP Potion Added
– At each level, you receive an HP potion with a certain probability.
– HP potion can be obtained by killing the enemy’s leader hero.

3) Cannons
– The number of cannons is increased, and the location of the cannons is randomly assigned.
– The cannons’ HP decrease.

4) Enemy Hero
– When an enemy hero is spawned at the same stage, the probability of the same kind of hero being spawned is minimized.

5) Ranking Display
– Instead of best rank, previous day’s ranking will display.

6) Battle Result
– At the result board of the Infinite Fortress, you can check the detailed acquisition score.

7) Champion Medal Reward Added
– The champion medal will be awarded as an additional reward to the top ranked users of the Infinite Fortress.
– The champion medal can be used in the newly added champion shop.

8) Balancing Changes
– At 3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 25 levels, the boss monster will appear.
– At the boss appearance level, normal monsters are removed and an only boss monster appears.



◆ Additions and improvements at the Shop

[Champion Shop]
The champion shop is added.
In the championship shop, you can summon champion equipment using the champion medal
that only can be obtained at the Colosseum and the Infinite Fortress.
※ You can get T4-T6 equipment, runes, and material items from the champion equipment summoning.


[Summon Shop Changes]
☞ A comment from the development team
The T3 equipment acquired at the Summon shop has been unsatisfying due to its usability.
So, when T3 was summoned, we added a summon mileage system, but it was also inconvenient.
Because players had to collect the mileage to use.
To solve these issues, we added useful material items along with T3 equipment
when the players summing, and acquire bonus cards for 10 summonings.

1) Configuration change
– New T6 weapons and set armor have been added to the summoning.
– More useful material items such as hero pieces, Essences, Upgrade stones, Awakening crest are added.

2) The mileage removed and bonus added
– The summoning mileage has removed. And at 10 summonses,
a maximum of 2 bonus cards will be summoned depending on the probability.

3) ETC
– Changed to select own hero for the hero equip effects at Summon Shop.


[The Wandering Shop Changes]
– T4 equipment and crafting runes have added. So equipment and runes are removed from the wandering shop.
– Low upgrade stones added.
– The price of each awakening material is reduced
– The price of each tier-up material is reduced

[Honor Shop Changes]
– Rune summon chest is changed to 5 summon, and the summoning cost is reduced.
– T4 set armor summon chest is added.

[Mileage Shop Changes]
– All equipment and runes are removed except T4 Treasures.
– T4-T6 equipment/rune summoning are added.

☞ A comment from the development team
As the T4 equipment and runes have been changed in a way that can be crafted directly in the workshop,
we have changed the product configuration so that unnecessary crystals and mileage are not consumed in the shop.
We also added honor shop items to make you use your honor points more useful.



◆ Rebalancing of Missions, Blitzs, Domain Defenses

1) Missions
– Five difficulty levels (61-65 levels) are added to 4 missions.
– Decrease the attack of monsters appears in the 26~35 levels of Domain defense.

2) Blitzs
– Three levels of difficulty are added to Draikon and Fallen Gigas in 4-6 levels.
– All the recommended combat power for Draikon and Fallen Gigas are reduced.
– The recommended combat power of Jungle Urbon, Oni, Kroga, and Brumoor is lowered in 6 levels of difficulty or more.

3) Domain Defenses ‘The Parrot Pirates’
– The magic eye pearl clam won’t be spawned.
– Decrease the number of monsters in the entire wave.
– For each wave, the location and time of the monster’s appearance are changed.
– The forest murloc moves along the road and the oasis murloc is changed to follow the hero.
※ Originally, it had a role regardless of the appearance of murloc,
    but now it has been improved to have a clear role according to its appearance.



◆ The Language Pack and Title Theme Added

– Traditional Chinese and Japanese have added
– The login theme will be replaced by ‘Up all night’ on the login screen and will change according to the language you set.


◆ New Account Link Added

You can link your account with Twitter and lines now.




– When you connect to a game, game notices are displayed to make it easier to check the notices.
– The bug that the hero > Equipment menu modifies the default equipment setting as PVP setting information is fixed.
– The bug that some pop-ups were cropped when the players select cooking > material on widescreen devices is fixed.
– The bug that the shout-chats are displayed separately for each channel occasionally is fixed.
– At Hero > Training menu, Hero portrait overlap issue is fixed.
– At Hero > Training menu, Hero portrait cropping issue is fixed.
– The lagging issue on the chasing AI hero at the real-time battle is fixed.
– When touching the filter in the Hero > Training menu, combat power was overlapped. This issue is fixed.
– The bug that the circular shadow of character displayed too small when the shadow effects are off is fixed.
– The bug that the hero portraits were not displayed intermittently in the mercenary hiring pop-ups is fixed.
– The Hire Awaken Hero Package
– The sale of awakening hero ends
– The options for normal T1 ~ T3 spear weapons are changed.
– The bug that the skill is used in real-time combat but only cool time is applied and the effect didn’t apply intermittently is fixed.
– The camera angle of the square changes to show the hero closer.
– The bug that spawned 4 heroes intermittently at the Infinite Fortress when the player resumes the battle is fixed.
– The bug that connecting offline mode after applying different audio language is fixed.
– The Awaken Hero Package will be out of sale.
– The returning White-Wulves special log-in event will be ended and it will be started later.
– The Dungeon Raids / Worldboss attack and defense rankings are changed to show the hero they used to achieve the record.
※ The existing ranking’s hero information will be displayed empty.



◆ Rebalancing on Heroes & Second Awakening Skills Added

[Heroes/Battle Rebalancing]
The balance of several heroes is changed and some battle formulas are modified.

[The Second Awakening Skills]
The new second awakening skills have added.
The second awakening skill can not be changed and has a fixed nature for each hero.

※ For further details, we will inform you through the separate notice.



◆ Package Items Naming Changes

– ‘Basic Crafting Package’ changed to ‘Foresight Cube Package’.
– ‘Advanced Crafting Package’ changed to ‘Monthly Limited Foresight Cube Package’.
※ Package configuration won’t be changed, only the name will be changed.


◆ The Compensation for updates

– The colosseum, Infinite Fortress will be initialized when the updates started, and if you do not receive the ranking reward, you will receive rewards through the mail.
– 20% of the crystals usage to summon at the summon shop from May 1 to the updates will be payback and paid by mail after the updates.
– We will collect the rankings for the existing raid support activity, and we will send you a thank-you gift by mail after server maintenance update.
– As a result of the Summon Shop changes, the un-used Summon Mileage will be deleted. And after the updates, it will be separately compensated.
※ For more details, we will inform you through the notice during the server maintenance update.