Developer’s Note (MAY)



Hello, This is the ELCHRONICLE’s dev team.
Today we would like to inform you about the update scheduled in May.
[New Hero/Sidestory/Costumes]
Mubu the mystic creature of the Haunted Forest is coming up.
As his appearance, He is a hero with a unique style of play.


And You can check the hidden story of Marcan through the sidestory.
The new costumes of Grace and BaekLicheon are scheduled in May. Please look forward to it.
[Difficulty Balancing of Challenge/Raid/Worldboss]
In May, many training content will be improved and newly added. Following this, new difficulty level to battle content and re-balancing will be executed.
Now you can get the Talisman from lower level of Worldboss. A higher level of Worldboss becoming more challenging but you will obtain a higher grade of Talisman.
High dungeon raids will also renovated for its difficulty and compensation.
For more compensation, higher difficulty level will be added for the Mission, Blitz and the Domain Defense.
[Hero Balancing Improvements]
In May, we focused on improving underutilized heroes. The new secondary awakening skill will be added.
And Melee Dealer, Dealer-style Tanker, Defensive Support, Offensive Support heroes will be better utilized.
[The Workshop Improvements]
The Equipment Transcend that opens the hidden abilities of the equipment will be added.
Also the Advanced Potential Modifying that can boost your potential to a higher level will be added.
The same kind of equipment will be used as materials for the Equipment Transcend and Advanced Potential Modifying.
And now the Failure Mileage is added so If you keep the same options for more than a certain number of times,
you will be given the opportunity to do one more option modifying with free of charge.
[New Equipment Added]
The new T6 equipment will be presented.
We’ve started with T6 Exclusive Weapon and Set Armor.
The new stats will be given and these T6 equipment brings heroes to a higher level.
[The Shop Improvements]
As T6 equipment is added, improvements to the shop will be made at the same time.
At the Summon Shop, newly added T6 exclusive weapon and set armor will be added.
And the existing Summon mileage system will be removed and a new Summon Bonus system will be applied.
In addition, several items from the mileage store will be adjusted.

※ We will pay back 20% of the crystals usage in the summon shop from the 1st of May until the update.
[Prestige Points and Prestige Shop]
At the competition content, the Colosseum and the Infinite Fortress, top rankers will receive a "Prestige Points" as a new reward.
You can use the Prestige Points at the Prestige Shop and you can get different equipment at the Prestige shop including new T6 equipment.
[Reduced Upgrading Costs]
To reduce fatigue from new equipment and the upgrading content, following changes will be occurring.
 – The hero pieces and gold cost will be reduced for 5-star grade / 6-star grade hero upgrades.
 – The gold cost for upgrading T3 ~ T5 equipment will also be reduced.
The top rankers are displayed in the Colosseum and World Boss Lobby. There will be improvements for the buff system at the Infinite Fortress.
If you make good use of them, you can reach higher levels. In the Raids, high ranked hero’s mercenaries will be displayed as recommended mercenaries.
※ The information above can be changed. For more details, we will be guiding you through the update notes again.

While the seasons change, the development team is busy preparing for season 3.
The season 3, which is getting ready step by step, will be able to give you some information soon.
Thank you to all the players who loves ELCHRONICLE. We will do our best as usual.
Thank you.